annual report

Faculty of Physical Education

Annual report of the Faculty of Sports Education for the university year 1445

First/Bachelor’s Program:

– Opening of coordination and admission to college and reception of new students for the university year 1445 AH

– The beginning of the university year 1445 AH with the beginning of the migrant year according to the university calendar of 1445 AH

– Distribution of graduation project addresses to Level 4 students

– Agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to use grass courts for practical football lectures.

– Contract a pool for practical swimming lectures for third and fourth level students

– Contract a women’s pool (Judy) for practical lectures for swimming (girls)

– Conduct half-tram exams and monthly exams in a timely manner

– Conducting the first semester examinations and the underdevelopment examinations in the examination centre at Sana ‘a University according to the university calendar.

– Commencement of study for the second semester on schedule according to the university calendar.

– Agreement with Sana ‘a Basic School for Practical Application of Fourth Level Students (Benin) Practical Education.

– Agreement with the Rasheed Community Girls’ Schools for the practical application of fourth-level students (girls) for practical education.

– The college’s Al Aqsa Sports League has been established between the four levels of study

– Discussion of graduation research for fourth level students (boys and girls) before the start of the second semester end exams.

– The second half semester examinations and monthly examinations are scheduled according to the university calendar.

– Final automation exams for the second semester in the exam centre and for 3 weeks

– Review the outcome of the university year 1445H and resolve students’ grievances.

– Issuance of graduation statements for students of June 2024 for approval by the competent councils.

Second/Postgraduate and Academic Affairs Programmer of the Faculty:

– Registration of a number of master’s and doctoral thesis addresses during the university year 1445H.

– Discussion of a number of master’s and doctoral theses during the university year 1445 AH.

– Two students were enrolled at the general diploma stage and attended school. The examinations were conducted for them and the results for postgraduate studies were revealed for accreditation.

– A number of scientific research have been published in strong scientific journals by faculty members and their assistants during the university year 1445 AH.

Third/Procurement, maintenance and equipment of the College:

– A new auditorium (Al Aqsa Deluvan Hall) was equipped by merging two classrooms for the purpose of scientific discussions and for those who were actually set up as well as for seminars, cultural lectures and beacons.

– The Great Hall of the College is equipped with the re-maintenance and installation of new chairs and the work of reindeer and windows.

– 200 university chairs were provided and installed in the required rooms

– The smart board screen was provided to the college from the university and installed in the great hall of the college for use next year with God’s permission.

– A number of irrigation cans and power tools were purchased for maintenance work.

– Complete maintenance of the college’s rooms and offices (RING and electrical repair) was done.