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Faculty of Physical Education


Faculty of Physical Education

The Faculty of Physical Education was established as one of the scientific faculties at Sana’a University, as per the Republican Resolution No. (26) issued on 27/04/2008. For many years, athletes in our country have had a dream to have an academic institution that prepares and qualifies sport cadres in various sport fields and activities based on sound scientific foundations that contribute to the development of sport movement and awareness in Yemeni society.
Thanks to God and to the sincere efforts, good intentions and full attention of the political leadership and the persistent efforts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, represented by Prof. Abdulwahab Raweh, Minister of Youth and Sports at that time, this dream turned into a true and tangible reality with the issuance of the Republican Resolution No. (4) of 1996, regarding the establishment of the Higher Institute of Physical and Sports Education. It was a scientific and educational institution with its legal personality, which aims at preparing and qualifying sport cadres. It was directly linked to the Minister of Youth and Sports.
In the academic year 1996/1997, the Institute admitted the First Batch of students. There were (35) students in the First Level. In the academic year 1997/1998, the Institute received the Second Batch, with (60) students. In 1998/1999, the Institute received the Third Batch, with (60) students, while in 1999/2000, the Institute admitted the Fourth Batch, and the number of students increased to (70) students.
The Institute had been graduating and qualifying sport cadres until 2008. After that, the previous resolution was canceled and the Republican Resolution No. (26) of 2008 was issued,  regarding adding the Institute to Sana’a University under the name of the Faculty of Physical Education and was subjected to the University’s Law in all matters related to its internal and external affairs.
The Faculty of Physical Education has become one of the most important faculties of Sana’a University that receives continuous attention, and has been pushed forward to improve its scientific and practical status. The Faculty has attracted distinguished professors from Arab and international countries. Later, a Yemeni staff was qualified, and gradually replaced the foreign staff. Now, all the faculty members are Yemenis.
The Faculty was a starting point for teaching physical education in Yemen, attracting many outstanding students. Furthermore, the Faculty has established partnership agreements with various Arab universities, including the University of Jordan, Helwan University and Algiers University. Thus, it has provided Yemen with highly qualified staff. So far, (22) batches have graduated from various programs of the Faculty. Those batches have proved their competence as well as professional and scientific abilities, as they have been involved in providing services related to physical education in various institutions and various training centers. Also, a large number of the top students of those batches rejoined the faculty academic staff. They were qualified for postgraduate studies, and are currently faculty members.
During the subsequent academic years, the Faculty has gained a high academic reputation and attracted students from different governorates of Yemen. Besides, more than (50 – 80) male and female students apply to join the Faculty annually. The fresh students are subject to the entrance test and selection. The Faculty accepts the best students and those who are able to continue in the study programs.
The objective of establishing the Faculty of Physical Education at Sana’a University has been to qualify an integrated scientific staff with academic excellence and professional competency that contributes to providing services to the community and participates in related scientific research in Yemen and abroad.
Accordingly, the Faculty sought to keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of physical education by preparing workshops to raise the efficiency of the Faculty members and train them in the field of curriculum development, teaching, test building and in conducting related scientific research.
The many courses and meetings conducted for the Faculty members, administrators, beneficiaries and students have had great positive results. The most important result was the serious approach to conduct the self-evaluation process, which was initiated at the beginning of 2021, based on the resolution of the University Rector, Prof. Al-Qassim Mohammed Abass, regarding the formation of the Higher Self-Evaluation Committee. The Committee visited the faculties and gave directions to the leaders of the academic and administrative faculties to form self-evaluation teams for assessing academic programs according to their specializations in light of the eight standards of self-evaluation contained in the Guidelines of the Council for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in the Republic of Yemen.

Dean's message

Sana’a University is no longer an institution for receiving knowledge or laboratories for scientific research only. It has been and will always be a social institution that looks forward to its vital role in serving the community issues and developing the capabilities of students. The Faculty of Physical Education is one of the University’s units with its distinguished scientific and applied activity, from which many qualified cadres graduate annually at the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We aspired to have a PhD program, and our dream has come true due to the efforts of its distinguished professors and eminent administrative body. The Faculty of Physical Education is one of the applied faculties that seeks through its programs and study courses related to the real needs and requirements of community to supply the labor market with qualified teachers in the field of physical and sports education. It also seeks to prepare physiotherapists, rehabilitation exercises specialists, and designers of sports and health programs in order to treat current chronic diseases, as well as many trainers and administrators in the fields of sports and physical education. In the future, we aspire to activate multiple scientific disciplines including Sport Teaching and Management, Health Sciences, Kinetic Rehabilitation, Training and Sports. We hope to succeed in our mission, despite the difficult circumstances of the country, under the imposed siege and brutal aggression.

Dean of the College

Prof. Abdolghani Mujahid Motahar

Faculty of Physical Education

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Faculty of Physical Education

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