Required Documents for Taking the Entrance Test:

  1. The original High School Certificate along with a true copy of the original certificate.
  2. Identity verification documents (the original National ID Card, original Passport, or original Family ID Card)
  3. The Entrance Test Fee Receipt

 Students who have not yet received their High School Certificate from the General Administration of Examinations at the Ministry of Education must bring the original copy of the High School Student Exam ID Card + the original national ID card.

 No student shall be permitted to take the test unless they submit the required documents mentioned above.

General Guidelines for Entrance Tests:

The Entrance Test is not meant to measure the student’s success or failure in achievement; rather, it is an aptitude test where the difference between an accepted student and a non-accepted student may be a fraction of a single point on the test score. Therefore, you are advised to consider the following instructions:

  • Make sure to bring the original High School Certificate + the Entrance Test Fee Receipt and the identity verification document (National ID Card, Passport, or Family ID Card).
  • You should report to the exam hall at least one hour before the test starts, in order to locate your Exam Seat. This is crucial due to the large number of examination rooms and applicants.
  • Make sure that your Name and Exam Number are displayed correctly on your entry web page on the computer screen.
  • Put your fingerprint on the answer sheet for the purpose of verification.
  • Read all the exam questions carefully and ensure that you fully understand what is being asked.
  • Effective time management during the entrance test is extremely important. You may run out of time leaving some questions unanswered, even if you know the answers. Therefore, start answering all the questions whose answers are familiar to you first instead of wasting time thinking about answering questions listed on the test according to their sequence.
  • Make sure you write your exam answers only in the designated spaces, as answers written elsewhere do not count.
  • Do not assume that by answering a certain number of questions you will be qualified for acceptance. You must understand that minor differences in the scores of candidates in such exams can make a crucial difference in results. Therefore, you have to exert your best effort to pass through, considering the marks allocated to different subjects as outlined in this manual.
  • Students are not permitted to borrow calculators, rulers or any other stuffs during the exam.
  • Cellphones are strictly prohibited in the exam. Any use of cellphones by students in the exam hall shall be considered an attempt at cheating leading to exam disqualification.
  • Ensure your signature is put against your name in the attendance sheet throughout the exam days.
  • Any form of cheating during the exam shall result in the student being disqualified from the test.
  • Engaging in any act of disturbance or disorder during the exam shall expose the student to the risk of being disqualified from the exam.
  • Impersonating another student exposes the impersonator to the risk of being disqualified from the exam and permanently barred from university enrollment. Both the impersonator and the student whose identity was impersonated shall be exposed to legal accountability.
  • Entrance tests are automatized, where the student is allowed to select a single answer for each question using the computer device.
  • Questions and their answer options are displayed on computer screens. The exam has a specific time limit for completion, after which the final test result is shown.