Dean's message

Faculty of Commerce & Economics

Today the Faculty of Commerce and Economics stands at the forefront of Sana’a University colleges which has been in existence for about six decades. Full of giving and excellence and compared to other Faculties It includes the largest number of students in the university, and contains specializations and scientific departments that are closely related to the needs of society and the requirements of its development and social, economic, and political progress.
The Faculty has contributed in building the Yemeni human being capable of dealing with the times in an effective and innovative manner by providing tens of thousands of its students and graduates with modern scientific knowledge, and providing them with various life skills and methods of critical and insightful systematic thinking.
With tireless effort and without hesitation, the Faculty also has provided society with successive generations of scholars, accountants, financiers, economic and business pioneers, diplomats, statesmen, and enlightenment thinkers, and throughout its history, it has remained like a spacious scientific habitat that includes eager and talented students who came from the farthest reaches of the glowing Yemeni countryside, and from the heart of its inspiring cities and metropolises, to share the dream of scientific renaissance for their dear homeland, Yemen.
The truth is that the Faculty of Commerce and Economics would not have played this role without the clarity of its mission, vision, and goals, and its commitment to noble scientific, professional, and moral values, as well as its distinguished staff, and the loyal efforts of its persistent administrators and technicians.
Dear students,
The Commerce and Economics Faculty is currently witnessing a qualitative expansion in its academic programs for the bachelor’s and postgraduate levels (master’s and doctoral), accompanied by an integrated modernization of its buildings and educational and service facilities with the generous support and care of the University Presidency. Actually it pays special attention to the quality of the educational process, to developing its syllabus, also enhancing the scientific research activities of its teaching staff. at the same time it looks forward to further modernizing its administrative and service systems in a way that keeps pace with the development of academic programs and takes into account the growing needs for student services of high competitive quality. full of hope, we are seeking to the comprehensive modernization of the college’s library, expanding training programs, building the diverse skill capabilities of participating students and faculty members, enhancing the college’s community contribution, and building more bridges of effective communication with official institutions and private sector companies and labor market sectors.
What matters most to us today is remaining faculty of Commerce and Economics in its usual position of continuous scientific leadership, and to move steadily towards greater multi-level academic and research excellence. Achieving this depends on the efforts of everyone, including the dean, academics, staff, and students, in an atmosphere of optimism, appreciation, mutual respect, respect for applicable laws and regulations, and commitment to societal values. Integrity, transparency, responsibility, and complete confidence in the ability to achieve, create, and innovate with God’s help, regardless of the difficulties and challenges.

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Hani Al-Mughals