Faculty and Society

Faculty of Commerce and Economics

Education is one of the most important pillars of community development and advancement through the contributions of various educational institutions in graduating qualified human resources in all fields. Colleges are among the most important educational institutions entrusted with the most prominent role in serving society through educating and preparing highly qualified human resources, as well as their contributions to the field of scientific research. The Faculty of Commerce and Economics at Sana’a University stands out as one of the most prominent colleges that has a close connection with the community. The faculty contributes to supplying the Yemeni and Arab markets with professionals from various disciplines, which are closely related to the needs of the society in terms of experts and specialists in economics, politics, statistics, finance, and business. The faculty is also connected to the community by conducting different research works that focus on the community needs directly. Additionally, the faculty engages in various networking activities with the community in several domains. These areas include the training courses offered by the faculty to graduates in the field of accounting, business administration, and training on accounting systems that the graduate needs in the labor market, as well as systems in the field of statistics. Moreover, the faculty seeks to familiarize students with various community institutions through field visits to various government institutions, financial institutions, and business institutions, including banks. Still more, the faculty organizes numerous scientific and awareness-raising workshops that serve students in their future careers in the labor market. Such workshops also help in establishing a direct connection between the faculty and the community. In addition, the faculty strives to establish connections with the community by offering consulting services in the field of finance and business. The community is an essential component of the faculty’s mission, as it is its partner in building and developing the educational and service process.