عبدالصمد مفضل

Abdulbaset Abdulsamad Ahmed Ali Mufadhal

Teaching Assistant

Personal Information:
Birth Date: 1984
Profile Summary:
Dynamic and innovative Endodontist with a proven track record of helping patients to achieve optimal oral health and overcome complex mouth and tooth obstacles. Adept in root canal therapies, cosmetic dentistry, and comprehensive patient dental care. Bringing forth the skills necessary to accurately diagnose patients and prescribe effective treatment plans. Committed to achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction. Adept in various social media platforms and office technology programs. Highly organized, and skilled in written and verbal communication. Experienced and dedicated Researcher and Data Analyst with several years of experience identifying efficiencies and problem areas within data streams, while communicating needs for projects.

– Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Sana’a University.2008

– Master of Conservative Dentistry-Endodontics at Dental College, Sana’a University.2021
(Thesis topic: Roots Form and Canals Morphology of Maxillary First Molars in a Sample of Yemeni Population)

– Comprehensive Dental Internship Program at Dental College, Sana’a University.
Nov, 2008 – Nov, 2009

– Oral Surgery Training Program at Faculty of Dentistry, Mansoura University, Egypt.
Jul, 2007 – Aug, 2007

– Endodontic Resident at Conservative Department-Endodontics, Sana’a Univeristy. (2012-2021)
– Endodontist at Conservative Department, Sana’a Univeristy.(2021 till date)

Coursesand Workshops:
– 1st Scientific Training Program of Dental Implant at Dental college, Sana’a Univeristy. Nov, 2012.13 credit hours.
– Research Methodology, Biostatistcs, and SPSS Program at Dental college, Sana’a Univeristy. Mar, 2013.10 credit hours.
– Dental Implant Course at Dental college, Sana’a Univeristy. Dec, 2014.(Theoretical & practical) 30 credit hours
– Scientific Manuscript Writing Workshop at Dental college, Sana’a Univeristy. Dec, 2014.
– 1st Sana’a Univeristy Dental International Conference (SUDIC 1).
– 2nd Sana’a Univeristy Dental International Conference (SUDIC 2).
– 1st Saba Univeristy Dental Conference (SUDC 1). (speaker)
– 2nd Saba Univeristy Dental Conference (SUDC 2).(speaker)
– 3rdSaba Univeristy Dental Conference (SUDC 3).(speaker)
– 2nd Dental Technologies International Conference. (speaker)
Research and scientific papers:
1. Dental environment and war-related stress among dental students,Yemen

2.External and Internal Anatomy of Maxillary Permanent First Molars

3. External and Internal Anatomy of Mandibular Permanent Incisors

4. Improvements in Clinical Durability From Functional BiomimeticMetallic Dental Implants