رامي اسحاق

Ramy Abdul Rahman Ishaq

Assistant Professor

Personal Information

Date of Birth:    17/02/1980

Home Address: 19, Street no 78, AlHoryya Street Sanaa Yemen

Mailing Address:           P. O. Box 271 Sanaa Yemen

Nationality        Yemeni

Tel:       +967-733403040/+967-772403040


I graduated as a dentist from the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine in Cairo, Egypt in 2005. After working as a general dentist for 2 years (volunteer and private practice) I left for Egypt for higher education in the same university. I practiced orthodontics in the teaching hospital for 3 years (September 2008- September 2011) until I earned my specialist degree in 2011. My experience continued in the same teaching hospital from June 2012 to September 2015. I was responsible for the treatment of variety of cases with a case load of 80 cases in the master’s program and 120 cases in the PhD program. The clinical experience was accompanied by research when I conducted my master’s and PhD theses. I gained experience in evidence-based dentistry and conducted a systematic review published in AJODO. I also have experience with lecturing and presentations as I conducted seminars within the Department of Orthodontics. I also am a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh as I attended and successfully passed the Morth Examination. I Currently work as a private practitioner and university professor.  I am the director of and teach at the postgraduate program of Orthodontics at Sanaa University and have previously directed and taught at the University of Science and Technology postgraduate program in Orthodontics. I also teach undergraduate students in the University of Science and Technology and Queen Arwa University.


Degree University         Year of Graduation

BDS Oral and Dental Medicine   Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt     2004

Master of Science (MSc.) Orthodontics  Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt     2011

PhD Orthodontics         Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt     2015

Membership in Orthodontics (Morth RCSED)      Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, United Kingdom   2016


Post     Location           Period


(Volunteer)      Al-Thawrah General Hospital

Sana’a Yemen   11/2005-6/2006

Dentist Private Clinic (Dr. Abdul Kader Zabarah)

Sana’a Yemen   12/2005-9/2007

Dentist Private Clinic (Sam Hospital)

Sanaa Yemen    1/2006-12/2007

Orthodontic Resident

Practicing Clinician        Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. University Teaching Hospital

Cairo, Egypt      9/2008-11/2011

Orthodontic Resident

Practicing Clinician        Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. University Teaching Hospital

Cairo, Egypt      6/2012- 9/2015

Assistant Professor (teaching post-graduate orthodontic masters students         University of Science Technology, Sanaa Yemen    4/2016- Ongoing

Assistant Professor (teaching undergraduate students    University of Science Technology, Sanaa Yemen 2/2016- 5/2016

Director of Postgraduate program in Orthodontics          Faculty of Dentistry, Sanaa University, Sanaa Yemen            9/2019 – Ongoing

Assistant Professor (teaching post-graduate orthodontic masters students         Faculty of Dentistry, Sanaa University, Sanaa Yemen           9/2019 – Ongoing

Clinical Work Experience

Practicing Orthodontist Modern Clinics for Dentistry      4/2016-ongoing

Practicing Orthodontist Yaman Dental Clinics     4/2020-ongoing

Courses and Congress Meetings

Congress/course/meeting         Site      Date

Osteocare Dental Implantology course supported by Cairo University     Osteocare Training Center, Cairo Egypt             26/07/05– 08/09/05

The 1st international

Dental Congress           Cairo Egypt       25th to 28th March 2008.

Course at the 1st international Dental Congress: Can complex malocclusions be successfully treated with invisalign?              Cairo Egypt       By Dr. Robert Boyed.

The XII International Symposium on Dentofacial Development and Function       Cairo Egypt       (October 16- 18 2008)(21 CH)

A one day workshop at the XII international symposium of Dentofacial and Development and Function. How to achieve the best esthetic for your patient.          Cairo Egypt       By Professor Bjorn Zachrisson (6 credit hours)

Course of Basic Life Support

            A certified center from the American Heart Association  14 Jan 2012

Certified in performing Basic Life support.          The American Heart Association 2 years certification 14/01/2012

Sana’a University 1st international congress, Sanaa Yemen         Speaker

            29-31 October 2013

Annual Scientific Day of Orthodontic Department Cairo University          Cairo University 12/2013

Research and scientific papers:

Title      Journal Date

Insulin Like growth Factor: A Biological maturation indicator       (AJODO)          November 2012

Three-dimensional effects of the mini-implant–anchored Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device: A randomized controlled trial      Angle Orthodontist       May 2015

Fixed functional appliances with multi-bracket appliances have no skeletal effects on the mandible. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis        (AJODO)           May 2016

A novel approach for treatment of skeletal Class II malocclusion: Miniplates-based skeletal anchorage    (AJODO)            February 2018