Anesthesia Programme

The anesthesia program aims to graduate specialists in basic and advanced clinical procedures that assist the anesthesiologist in the safe and effective care of those undergoing anesthesia. The anesthesiologist works in multiple clinical areas including operating rooms, diagnostic and therapeutic radiology units, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and operating units. One day in outpatient clinics, the anesthesiologist provides the highest level of intravenous catheter care to all patients (children and adults) .

The vision :

National leadership and global reputation in the field of anesthesia .

The mission :

We are committed to preparing qualified graduates who specialize in the field of anesthesia and possess various scientific abilities and clinical skills of international standards .

Values :

  • Morality .
  • Professional .
  • Excellence and competition .
  • Team work .
  • Initiative and creativity .

Job opportunities for graduates :

Graduates of the anesthesiology program can work as follows :

1- Hospitals .

2- The academic field through teaching .

3- Research centers . 

4- The private sector in the health field .