Dr. Nawal Abdullah Ali Al Hazura

Head of Radio and Television

Personal Information:

  • Name : d. Nawal Abdullah Ali Al Hazura
  • Head of Radio and Television Section
  • Address : Sanaa, Aladl – St
  • .Tele: (772790050)
  • Email: 


The first on the batch of the campus 1998-1999 at the Faculty of Information Department and television, was engaged in the Yemeni space in the field of transit and implementation and preparation and in some local and regional awards in the field of program preparation,, Demonstration at the University of Sana’a in 2002 in 2002, with a master’s and doctorate from Cairo University with an excellent assessment with the first honor of the university year 2016 and currently holds the head of radio and television and an assistant professor in the section studying a number of decisions of specialization at the University of Sana’a and a number of private universities.


-Bachelor of Media, Radio and Television Section, Sana’a University for the university year 1998-1999

-Master Media from the Radio and Television Department Faculty of Information of Cairo 2010

– Doctor Media from the radio and television Faculty of Information of Cairo University 2020


– TV and program implementation in Yemeni space from the period (1999-2003) The preparation of social, family and cultural programs in Yemeni space. Including third-place words at the Cairo Festival 2001, 2001, the program of Dunia Eve, the program of life, Ramadan Competition (The Wheel) for 2003, a four-speed drama and television in the reality of women in Yemen won The first prize in the Food for All Food Competition for 1997, which participated in the World Conference at Faw Promium – Italy. Participate in the preparation of a national report on the situation of women. The publication of two scientific research in a scientific journal in a doctoral message. Currently, underestimate cinema in Yemen.

Participate in the academic characterization of a number of specialty materials. You prepared training bags on television and mounting scenario writing. It was trained. Arab League Coordinator for Communication and Media Sciences (A regional research institution based in Beirut) in Yemen. Experience in teaching a number of courses in a radio and television specialization (media and self – radio and television techniques – communication and media technology – Cinema art – scenario and drama – radio and television production – applications

Conferences and Workshops:

  • The Certified Professional Trainer course from the Arab Board and a professional trainer of Arab Boarding
  • two television photography sessions
  • cycles of an electronic editing courses in writing script
  • . Courses to direct documentaries in SPS Software Software
  • Course in the effective teaching skills
  • course in teaching technology
  • Course in crisis management.
  • Course in international conventions, including the Cedua Convention on Computer Use.
  • Courses in English from the Yali Institute.
  • A number of stores in the design of academic programs workshop in the field of university courses in the approved quality templates.
  • A course in the field of survey of media learning from the Areej Training Workshop in the field of mobile press.

Research and scientific papers:

  • – A study (exposure to Arab drama and its relationship to the Yemeni public for women in Yemeni society)
  • – Study for the Master’s degree in Media from Cairo University 2010
  • – D participation in the preparation of a national report on the conditions of Yemeni women to Al Jazeera.
  • -Study (exposure to radio and television and its relationship to awareness of the public development issues in the Yemeni countryside)
  • – Study to conduct a doctorate in the media from the Faculty of Information Cairo.
  • -Study (Radio and Television Development Issues) An analytical study published in the Journal of Rai General, Faculty of Information, University of Qahru, 2018
  • -(exposure to radio and television and its relationship to the national public trends towards the national dialogue) a published survey study in a magazine
  • – Study (the use of young Internet and its relationship with their awareness of the rumors about current events) a field survey published in the US University of Information in Egypt associated with the Global Database Scopas. 2019
  • -Study (Evaluation of the Experience of E – Education of electronic education for media specializations in the Arab world) is supervised by German DAD and publication currently 2020 m working paper on (media conditions in Yemen in the time of war) Posted in a seminar on media women held Radio Yemen Times 2019
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