Ali Abdullah Ali Alghail

Assistant Professor

Personal Information: 

Dr. Ali Abdullah Ali Alghail


Sanaa University

H/P: 967- 771321468


* PhD I Linguistics

* MA in Linguistic Studies

* BA in English


31 years in the field of English education at various faculties in Sanaa   University.

Conferences and Workshops:

  1. Many conferences in Malaysia.
  2. ProGrant 2015, Jordan.
  3. Environmental Project in Sweden.
  4. Scores of workshops in Sanaa University.

Research and scientific papers:

  1. 1. Alghail, A. A. A., & Mahfoodh, O. H. A. (2016). Academic reading difficulties encountered by international graduate students in a Malaysian university. Issues in Educational Research, 26(3), 369-386.
  2. Alghail, A. A. A.,& Mahfoodh, O. H. A. (2015). Cognitive adjustment of international students in a Malaysian public university. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 3(12): 130-138.
  3. Alghail, A. A. A., (2013) Academic difficulties and sociocultural adjustment in higher education: a case study of Yemeni postgraduate students in Universiti sains Malaysia. Unpublished Ph. D thesis, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  4. Alghail, A.,& Kaur, S. (2012) Sociocultural Adjustment in Higher Education: A Case Study of Yemeni Postgraduate Students in Universiti Sains Malaysia, IPPT Bullitin of Higher Education, No.20 Dec 2012.
  5. Alghail, A., & Kaur, S. (2012). Academic writing difficulties of Yemeni postgraduate students in Universiti Sains Malaysia: A mixed methods study. In Abdul Aziz, S. & Nawal, F. A. (Eds.), Inaugural Postgraduate Research Seminar (pp. 60-74). Pulau Penang: School of Humanities, USM.
  6. Alghail, A., & Kaur, S. (2012). Academic difficulties faced by Yemeni postgraduate students in USM: lecturers’ perceptions, ICLLIC 2010, USM press.
  7. Alghail, A. (2008) An exploratory study on the barriers to academic literacy among Yemeni postgraduate students at the school of humanities, Unpublished MA thesis, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia