Arwa Ahmed Mohamed Hikal Al-Mosuri

Personal data:-

The stste: yemen

Name of college and college:(Universty of Sanaa- Faculty of Education)

Place of birth: Security of the capital

Nationality : Yemen

Salvation( is made available for a faculty member):

Running the faculty of Education The year 2010-2015 I finished the university tutorial In the year 2015-2016 The school of the education was signed in the School of Education The year 2017 Until year 2021

in the Master of We have been the first appointment of the first president Curretly the School of Eduation, School Found in the School OF the good Rashidi is responsible for activities of the basic education Revolution Area and Caribbean Aerobobi Club and any fitty fits

: –Qualified and Special certificates

  • Secondary General Section
  • Bachelor of Education-yemen-University of Sanaa
  • Certificata of Master s professor- University of Sanaa
  • Diploma English Consultant Youth lnst
  • Nursing Diploma
  • Diploma of Hospital and Health Facility
  • I got the prosecution of a prosecution in some games
  • I got a certificate of his uniform stone to the students of the first Gaza Sanaa 2015 from the presidency of the University
  • I have the best mentor of the atmosphere of the Arab world at the Venetian Vision of Egypt
  • I got a certificate of particiption in his initative (to bo active over 60 years) in collaboration with the Arab Union of the cultre of the Site through the net
  • I got several asystick in courses the following (Arbitration_A training- Effective contact –computer –Business admistration-Huma Development-photography and TV-The quality and excellence in the customer service

:Skills and experiences

  • I have a general experience in the field of physiotherapy at the capacity center.
  • A member of the club May 22.
  • I have field experience for almost ten years in all kinds of sports games.
  • Restoring the computer use