Faker Ali Ahmed AL-Kubati

Associate Professor

Personal Information: Faker Ali Ahmed AL-Kubati



Faker Ali Ahmed AL-Kubati. He has born in ALQubatia since 1961. He studied in Aden the primary education , after that he traveled to Sana’a . He studied  the secondary and higher education in Jamal Abdel  Naser  School. He served in the military at 1981. He studied the general medicine at Tishreen University Lattakia, Syria. He joined the Ministry of Health for one year. He appointed as a teaching assistant at Sana’a University at 1992. He delegated from Sana’a University to study the master degree and PhD at Faculty of Medicine Kasr Al Ainy, Cairo University. He has been  a lecturer  in the respiratory disease since 2000.

Education:   general medicine then the MD after that the PhD. He has been a prof since 2008 Experience:  He is a consultant in the respiratory disease and tuberculosis.

Conferences and Workshops:

  • Respiratory disease conference of The Egyptian Association.
  • The European Conference of the respiratory disease. 3- The Gulf Conference of the respiratory disease.

Research and scientific papers:

  • Many researches  in TB.
  • The role of the bronchoscopy in the TB’s diagnosis.
  • Knowing the stages of the lung’s tumor  by mediastinoscopy.
  • The relation between the TB and DM.

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