Abdul Hafez Abdullah Ali Al-Selwi

Assistant Professor


Name: Abdul Hafez Abdullah Ali Al-Selwi



B- MB.BS. Rawalpindi Medical college Punjab University 86-87 Pakistan

C- Clinical MD. Khartoum University Sudan


Military service: Alhudaidah Military Hospital1989-90

Rural health service Gihana Medical Center1990-91

Demonstrator in internal medicine Sanaa Medical College1991-94

Assistant professor Sanaa Medical College 1997-2005

Coordinator of Arab board  program of intensive care medicine for two years 2002-2004

Coordinator of diploma program of internal medicine ministry of health 2005-2006

Coordinator of Yemeni specialization certificate of internal medicine ,ministry of health from 2006  till now

Head of Medical Department Althowrah Teaching Hospital 2001-2005 ,

Associate professor of internal medicine Sanaa Medical College 2006 -2012

Professor of internal medicine Sanaa Medical College 2013 until now

Coordinator of PH D. degree of internal medicine Sanaa  Medical college ,Sanaa University from 2011-2020

Supervisor of large number of PH. D, and master degrees desertations

Examiner for PH D, and Master degrees,

Trainer for Arab Board candidates at Althowra teaching hospital

Conferences and workshops:

  • Course in the problem based medicine Sana,a technology university 16-20 august 1998
  • Course in the problem based pharmacology teaching for university teachers Aden 1-4/Nov .1999
  • The 2nd Yemeni Italian conference Hadramout 2003
  • The 38th annual meeting of Europian association for the study of liver diseases-Geneva;3-6July2003
  • The 3rd Yemeni- Italian conference Aden15-16 Nov2003
  • The 1st Yemeni diabetic association conference 11-13Feb.2003
  • Workshop on malarial controle program 8-9 Oct.2003 Sanaa
  • Pan-Arab Gastroentology week 13-17 Jan 2004 UAE
  • The 4th Yemeni Italian medical conference 18-20 Jan.2004 Sanaa R.Y
  • The 1st Middle East inflammatory Bowel disease symposium 3-4 Mar.2004 Amma n Jourdan
  • The 12th European gastroenterology week 25-29 Sep.2004 Amsterdam
  • The conference of the Gulf states medical associatins Al-Riadh 12-14 Mar.2005
  • Workshop on continuous medical education 12 l 3 l 2005 King Faisal Research center
  • The 1st Yemeni –Saudian conference on immuonolgy Sanaa 11-12 May 2005
  • 6 weeks Training course in upper and lower GIT endoscopy from 27 Feb.-14 April 2006 Theodor Bilharz institute Egypt.
  • The annual Egyptian Gastroentrology and hepatology conference Kairo Egypt 25-29 Mar.2006
  • Liver diseases at Cross roads of civilization East meets West conference held in Kairo from 5-6 april 2006
  • Pan Arab gastroentrolog and hepatology Conferencs Beirut Lebanon 6-9 Jun.2006
  • Europian week of Gastroentrology Veinna Austria 18-25 Oct 2008
  • The 3rd Yemeni gastroenterology conference in Sanaa city 18-19 Feb.2009
  • The direct acting drugs on HCV Bociprevir in Estanbul 24-25 2012 Turkey

Papers and researches:

1 Hepatitis B and C among hospital staff at al thowra teaching hospital Sanaa Yemen.Yemen Medical Journal.Vol 4;(1):October 2001:pp61-67

2 Right sided Infective Endocarditis complicated by bilateral pyopneumothorax Yemen YMJ.vol4;(1);Oct.2001:pp73-76

3 awareness and attitudes of physicians twards Evidence Based Medicine .JABMS;vol.7 (2);2005:pp163-168

4 HBs Ag and Anti HCV Ab among patient with chronic liver disease at Althowra general hospital JABMS;Vol 7(2);2005:pp121-126

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7 Isolated Pituitary Sarcoidosis simulating macradenoma.Sudan Med.Journal;vol 44,(1,2,3 ).2008.pp69

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9 association of Hepatocellular carcinoma with HBs Ag and HCV Ab among Yemeni patient at Al thowra hospital .Sudan JMS; vol4(3);Sep2009;pp237-241.

10 effect of Kat and other factors in the control of BP, in treated patients. YJMSR

11 Hepatic Hydatid Cyst rupture in to biliary tree presented as anaphylaxis and obstructive jaundice.Sanaa UJ of medical Sciences.Jan2012;Vol.4 (1);pp107-110

12 Peutz Jegher Syndrome presented as intermittent gastric outlet obstrucition and Ilio Ilial intussusception.Sudan JMS;Mar 2012;Vol.7(1);131-134

13 Vasoactive drug use in comparison to night injection sclerotherapy in Yemen. ABJMS;2012;Vol 13(2);pp18-24

14 latent tuberculosis among health care workers ,at althowrah teaching hospital .JABMS

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