Amin Mohamed Al-Buthaigi

Personal Information:

Name:             Amin Mohamed Abdulrab Ghaleb  Al-Buthaigi

Address:                     Haiyl  street 20 Maeen Destrict , Slah Aldeen

Sana’a – Telefax: (00967) 1213633

House :- (00967) 1406663

Mobile: – (00967) 711829740

E-mail: –



2014 -Up to Date

Professor in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine &Health Sciences. Sana’a University Yemen .  Senior  Consultant in Hepatology& infectious disease  at University hospitals .Working in health promotion disease prevention cooperatively with health providers in the country

October 2006 – 2014

 Associate Prof . in internal medicine ,Faculty of Medicine &Health Sciences. Sana’a University Yemen .Consultant in Hepatology& infectious disease  at University hospitals .Working in health promotion disease prevention cooperatively

  • September 2006

Assistant  Prof . in internal medicine ,Faculty of Medicine &Health Sciences. Sana’a University Yemen . Specialist  in Hepatology& infectious disease  at University hospitals

  • November 1999-2002

Lecturer in Tropical Medicine and Infectious  Disease  Faculty of Medicine and Health Siences – Sana;a University . Specialist in epidemiology and infectious diseases Ministry of Health



Master Degree in Medical Education 2020

  • Maastricht University in the Netherlands and Suez Canal university Egypt

MD., Medicine, Nov. 1999

  • Faculty of Medicine Khartoum University

High degree of Science, and  medicine, Aug. 1996

  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London – UK

Master of Science, Tropical medicine &Hygiene, 1989

  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London – UK

DTM &H 1989

  • Royal College of Physicians London, UK

Bachelor of Science, Medicine (MB. Ch.B ), 1982

  • Alexandria University – Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt



  • Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, theoretical and practical Medicine
  • Management of patients presented with varieties of gastrointestinal and communicable and non communicable diseases
  • Organized medical activities and scientific meetings in the faculty of medicine and  teaching hospitals
  • Director of Medical Quality Assurance Unit  at Faculty of Medicine Sana;a University.
  • Supervise   theses and research projects  of postgraduate students
  • Expert in Neglecting Tropical diseases WHO
  • Expert in Medical Education and programs accreditation
  • Dean of Faculty of Medicine Thamar University
  • Established Emirate Faculty of Medicine in Sana’a city
  • Dean of Faculty of Medicine Emirate University Sana’a
  • External examiner in varieties of medical colleges
  • Consultant of Civilization University regarding Medical program

Conferences &workshops :

Attended and participated  in several conferences locally, regionally and international

Participated in varieties of workshops of Medical education ,medical programs design

And staff development

Research and scientific papers:


  • Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding at Al- Thawra Teaching Hospital in Sana’a –Yemen. Yemen Medical Journal December 2002 31-19
  • Prevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among blood donors at Military Hospital Sana’a Yemen. Emirates Medical Journal January 2003, 21-22
  • Value of Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy in Early Bacteriologic Diagnoses of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Yemeni patients. Egyptian journal for Chest and Tuberculoses July 2003, 150-153
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  • Primary Report on Sexual Transmitted Diseases among Women in Sana’a, Yemen during 2003-2004. Journal of Health and medical Research Ministry of Health December 2004,85-75


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  • Correlation of cyto-morphology with flow cytometric immunophenotyping in acute leukemia’s: A Comparative study..Hematol Blood Disord 2020 Volume 3 Issue 3 :38 -41

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