Graduate Studies

Vice Presidency of the University for Graduate Studies

The postgraduate program at the University of Sana’a began in 1984 AD, 14 years after the establishment of Yemeni universities, and the programs began in the College of Education, Arts, and Sciences, then it was decided to start with postgraduate studies in the College of Sharia and Law in 1985/84, then a deanship for postgraduate studies was established and it was opened. Diploma program for the Faculties of Sharia and Law, Commerce and Economics, and the College of Education.
It will be evident from the tables that the number of students enrolled in postgraduate studies is in a significant and noticeable decline, as in 2012/2011 the number reached (814) students with a growth index (09, 45 -) – and in the year 2019/2020 their number reached (349) students, bringing the growth rate to negative (103,15-) This is due to the low level of per capita income, the lack of salaries, and the high cost of living resulting from the continuing aggression and war on Yemen.

The year 2019 AD celebrated many efforts in graduate studies and scientific research at the university through:
Receiving applicants for coordination and admission for the academic year 2019/2020 for postgraduate studies, Diploma (215) Master (400) Ph.D. (253), with a total of (868) male and female students, who were distributed to colleges and centers in various disciplines and follow-up of students applying for the year 2018 | The number of (1448) male and female students, including (107) diplomas, (1224) masters, and (117) doctorates, in addition to following up on the conditions of scholarship abroad, whose number is (289), of whom (10) are scholarship students for 2019 AD.
And work to solve many of the accumulated problems of previous years, which were one of the obstacles to development, despite the country is going through absurd aggression in general and the League in particular, which negatively affected the level of performance.
Postgraduate studies have been working on a comprehensive review of all graduate studies programs and their bylaws, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and working on updating and developing them.

Postgraduate programs for the year 2020 AD

In implementation of the strategic plan of the university, the leadership of Sana'a University has been keen to open postgraduate programs that meet the needs of development through the following:

New postgraduate programs during the 2020 academic year

These programs are a national achievement as well as providing a great opportunity for our students, especially females, to study in
The interior also saves the state treasury millions of dollars annually in addition to being tributaries of the university’s tributaries, because some of these programs are qualitative and rare and are not available in many universities and at the same time are very necessary and urgent to keep pace with the needs of society.

Programs in preparation

There are programs for which the first procedures have been completed in terms of holding workshops and describing courses and approving them by councils
Departments and colleges’ councils, it remains only to complete the approval and accreditation procedures during the coming period.

Programs within the framework of study and modernization at the university

Programs within the framework of study and modernization at the university, and we are currently working on studying three master’s programs in the College of Mass Communication, the College of Science and the College of Commerce.

Expected programs for the next year

  • Two programs in Master of Legal Studies.
  • PhD program in economics.
  • Master of Business Administration program.
  • Master’s Program in Accounting.
  • PhD program in computer.