Abdulrazaq Mohammed Qaid Almarani

Member of Business admin. Dep., faculty of commerce since I graduated from Bradford University in Ph.D. in Philosophy business admin. In 1999.I got my BS’s degree from Sana’a University and my master in MMS from Canada. I also  have been working as a deputy chairman for Custom Enforcement for more than 18 years. So, I have gained mix of academic and practical knowledge and experience.



1998     Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Management Studies in Culture and Recipes on Managerial Practices- A comparative studies between Yemeni and British universities and Manufacturing textile Companies.

The University of Bradford Management Centre

Bradford, England

1993                                        MMS  Master of Management Studies in  Strategic Decision Making: The Influence of multiple Criteria on the Success of the Decision

Carleton University

Ottawa, Canada

1982 – 1985                            B. A. in Economic and Political Science with honors. Sana’a University

Sana’a- Yemen

2006                                        A Certificate in Customs Fellowship (sharing good practices)

AKMAL, Malaysian Customs Centre

Malaka, Malaysia




  • Teaching at the department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce and Economics in the area of Business Administration>
  • Researching in the following fields:
    • Culture and management Studies
    • Decision-Making Processes Across Cultures
    • Decision-making in Private and Public Sectors
    • Re-Structuring organizations
    • Decision-Making styles in the Arab Organizations
    • Technology and organizational Modernization


  • Experience in Developing and execution of Management seminars and specific workshops


  • Experience in Customs’ Procedures:
    • Customs automated Procedures and processes
    • Valuation for customs procedures
    • Negotiation for WTO Confession for Yemen Customs
    • Res-structuring organizations and Moderation
    • Boarder Control and Anti-Smuggled Goods and illegal Trades


  • Good Experience in Managing Universities and Businesses Organizations
  • Good Experience in Admissions and Registrations in Arab Universities
  • Good Experience in Managing work groups in Public, private and Voluntary Organizations
  • Good skills in dealing with computers systems
  • Supervisors for Master and P.H.D students in Business Admin. Dep., CBA, CPPAD, Gender Centre-Sana’a University and many other Public and Private Yemeni Universities.

Conferences and Workshops:

-Faculty Scientific Conference, and many other local conferences and workshops in Business administration, and management and economic areas.

-Arab management conferences in U.K. And many other Arabic countries

-Customs procedures and good practices and WTO Negotiation in some Arab and European Countries, and USA.


Research and scientific papers:

  • The Effect of Culture and Industry Recipes Upon Decision-Making: Comparative Study of English and Yemeni Universities and Manufacturers. A PhD Thesis presented to The University of Bradford Management Centre, Bradford- England 1999
  • The influence of Multiple Criteria on the Success of the decision-Making processes. A Master Thesis in Management Studies presented to School of Business Administration, Carleton University, Ottawa-Canada 1993
  • Authority in Yemeni management Organizations: A future trends. The Fifth Conference at Facility of Commerce and Economic, Sana’a University, Sana’a-Yemen 2000
  • The role of Culture on Management Processes in Yemeni Organizations. The Philadelphia University Conference. Philadelphia University, Amman-Jordan 2001
  • Many conferences locally (Yemen) and regionally in the area of management styles and decision-Making processes in the Arab organizations (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, etc.)
  • Participated in the Arab Management Conferences, The University of Management Centre, Bradford-England (1994-1998).

Many Conferences in the area of customs procedures and  Modernization- Customs valuation and automated Customs process -and customs borders  controls and simplification