Najat Jumaan

a university professor in the field of business management, finance and financial markets and institutions, financial institution management, strategic management, human resources development, I teach at the level of bachelor and master in private and public university. I supervised many theses in the level of MBA at Sana’a university and Aden University many of them in microfinance researches. I also have long experience in managerial level in private business and in government institutions. I also did many researches published in many academic research journals. My experience at the university as a lecturer added values to my theoretical back ground as well as my scientific logical analysis in the field of finance and business. I have the opportunity to be the Chief Executive Officer for the Economic opportunity funds. The fund is financed by IFAD, EU and Islamic Bank. The main objectives of the fund is to develop the value chain for the vegetables honey and coffee, beside I was responsible for the project of youth employment which has two components the microfinance institution developments and small and micro business developments. My private sector experience has also provided me with depth knowledge about private sector development, business development, Sector analyses, Project Management and import and export trade. Being the vice dean of the financial institute, the financial institute manages a significant issue, we tackle and participate in developing budget sensitive to gender issues, I also participate mainly in executing the ministry of finance strategy in public finance development related to budget preparation and execution in Yemen. We are responsible for human resource development, I also participated in drafting the law of stock market and financial leasing law in Yemen. Besides, I am also active in the federation chamber of commerce and the chamber of commerce in Alamana District. Such experiences have enabled me to become very familiar with sources of obstacles in private sector and the type of business opportunity exist in this sector and dealing with issues in developments. Working for the private sector as the vice general manager for finance and administration until 2005, as well as consultant, I have gained sufficient experiences in the private sector in the area of finance and management in different areas. I also have many years of experience doing researches in financial management, financial institution, corporate governance, women in family business, economic developments. I also have many consultancy assignments with the GIZ, UNDP and other international organizations. I also provided many consultation and research with the IFC, UNDP, GIZ in the areas of private sector development corporate governance, institutional building and economic development issues.

  • Education:


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Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Sanaa University, Sanaa, Yemen 1979 – 1983 Bachelor degree in business administration with Honor.
Azuza Pacific University, California – USA , 1986 – 1989


Master degree in business administration GBA 3.6 (A Grade)


Cairo University, Cairo – Egypt, 1993 – 1995


Ph.D. Qualification courses.

Courses included advance issues in financial management, production management, marketing research, management information system, operation research, and managerial economics.

Suez Canal University, Sues Canal

Egypt, 1995 – 1999

Ph.D. In business administration.

Thesis title is “ The effect of the environmental transformation on the financial structure of companies: Applied to food industries in Yemen”

  • Language skills:

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Language Reading Speaking Writing
Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
  • Membership of professional bodies:
  • Member at the Industry Development Higher Committee.
  • Member of the Banking and Exchange rate Committee at the Federation Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member of Yemen Management Association.
  • Member of the task force for developing the family corporate governance.
  • Guidance at Yemen Businessman Council.
  • Member of the technical committee assistance for the stock market project establishment.
  • Member of Businesswomen forum at the OECD Paris.
  • Member of Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace and Security, UNWOMEN .
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce membership at both Sana’a and Taiz
  • Member at the Yemen Industry Association
  • Head of the Businesswomen department at the Federation Chamber of Commerce.
  • Other skills:
  • Applying research methods and tools.
  • Computer skills in using word, excel, PowerPoint,
  • Using the Statistic program for social science (SPSS)
  • Using computerized accounting system


  • Present position:

I am the charwomen of the Concept Investment Consultancy, Company it is a firm specialized in research, consultancy and training in many areas of developments. and General Manager of Yemen Feed. I am also Professor of Management teaching and supervising in many areas of speciality in business such as financial management, Strategic management, risk management and other business courses at public and private universities

  • Years of Expertise: more than 17 Years
  • Specific experience in the region and internationally:
Country Date from – Date to
Jordan 2003 (short mission)
Egypt 2001-2002(short mission)
Saudi 2006-2013 (short missions)
Australia 2006-2007 ( academic visit to Griffith university)
  • Professional experience
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August-oct 2020 Sanaa, Hodeida, Hadramout Aden UNWOMEN Local Expert Doing research on the effect of Covid-19 on women economic participation and empowerment. The main responsibility is to design the research doing the previous studies review and field study , design the study tools such as the interviews and expert focus study , writing the research .
2018 – Today Jordan UN Special Envoy to Yemen Consultant Provide consultancy to the special envoy in the issues related to peace process in Yemen, mainly the economic issues , like central bank conflict , salaries .
2019- today Yemen Adra -Yemen Consultant Public relations, advocacy and communication consultant. Works with management, project managers to identify the challenges faced with authority in the country and solve all the issues raised by the authorities to help in implementing the projects and get the needed permissions
11/2017 – today Sanaa Professor Lecturing and supervising theses Developing course curriculum, teaching courses, preparing exam, correcting the exams, and supervising Theses at the master and PhD level .
3/2016- 11/2017 Sanaa Sanaa University Dean of faculty of commerce and Economics Directing the faculty including planning, organizing, supervising, and controlling all the activities in the faculty of commerce. I am managing about more than 150 professors, more than 20000 students.
2015-today Sanaa-Yemen Yemen Academy for Higher Education Lecturer Prepare the curriculum, teach, prepare the exam and correct them for many courses titled “Recent Issues in Finance and Financial Markets”. And ‘Financial Risk Analysis and Management”. Beside, Supervise MBA research.
2011- 2013 Sana’a –


Aden Free Zone Authority Member of the board of director Board member representing the Ministry of Finance. The main activities is to work with the board members to prepare yearly plan, supervise management, study and approve the regulations and procedures, study the risks facing the authority and identify the solutions.
2010-2012 Sana’a- Yemen Economic opportunity fund Chaif Excutive Officer (CEO) Responsible for directing the fund and achieve its objectives in all the projects functions. The main objective is to develop the value chain for the coffee, honey, vegetables, and fishery.
2011- today Sana’a


Sana’a University –

Faculty of commerce and economics

Member of the faculty council Representing the faculty members at the board. Participated in all decision taken in the board. These are approving the faculty plan, solving issues raised by the deanship related the financial situation of the faculty , approving the advancement of the academic faculty.
2010-2013 Sana’a


Yemen Stock Market Establishment Unit

Ministry of Finance

Consultant Provide consultancy on the issues related to Stock market
2009-today Sana’a-Yemen Industry Council

Ministry of industry

Memebr Participate on putting the industry strategy In Yemen, Help in solving problems face industry sector in Yemen
2008- today Sana’a, Yemen the Executive Master in business administration Canter, at Sana’a University Associate professor Develop the curriculum , teaching preparing the exam and correct the students books for the courses taught such as the financial markets and institutions.
2007- Today Sana’a, Yemen Faculty of commerce and economics, department Associate professor at Sana’a University Preparing, teaching and preparing exams for courses in Financial Management, Financial institution management, Principal of management, strategic management, and other courses in management.
March 2005 – 2013 Institution Of Finance, Ministry Of Finance, Yemen Vice Dean Handling the technical issues and designing training and human capacity building.


Australia Griffith University, Griffith Business School, Department of Accounting, and Finance & Economics Visiting Scholar Doing research on business failure predictioon in general and in Yemen in specific.
1999 – Today


Sanaa – Yemen Yemen Feed Company General Manager Supervising the company activities based on its yearly objectives
1999-2005 Sanaa – Yemen Mohamed Ahmed Jumaan Corporation Vice General Manager Management and Financial Development at the Company
1999-2001 Sana’a


General Institute Of Communication Professional trainer Provide training courses in management
1999 – today Sana’a Yemen Sana’a University . Professor assistant. Teaching courses in the Business Administration department.
1992 – 1998 Sana’a Yemen Mohamed Ahmed Jumaan Corporation Accounting Supervision


Working part time during the vacation, to supervise the accounting department
1990 – 1991 Sana’a Yemen Jahran poultry Vice Chairman Managing the daily work in the company
1989 – 1992 Sana’a Yemen Sana’a University Teacher Helping professors and work in workshop in management courses
1983 – 1984 Sana’a Yemen Sana’a University Teacher Assistant


Helping the professors and work in workshops in the courses of financial management, production management, and marketing research


  • Published book in:

“Financial management: Practical Approach|” In Arabic, 2003, First edition.

” New Approach to Financial management” In Arabic , 2017, Second Addittion.

  • Publish research papers:

1- “A model for Predicting economic failure in Yemeni Companies” In Arabic, Published in the journal of faculty of commerce, Sana’a university 2006.

2- “Analysing the External environment of Yemeni Private Companies” In Arabic, Published in The Journal of faculty of commerce, Sana’a University 2002.

3- “The effect of financial system on economic system: case of Yemen” presented in the conference in “Emerging Financial Markets & Services ASIA – PACIFIC” In Australia May 2004, and submit a paper titled “Financial Market Development and Economic Development: Case of Yemen” University of Western Sydney, School of Economics & Finance, Black town Campus.

4- “Role of Women In Family Business : Theoretical and Practical Prospective In Yemen “ In Arabic , Published in The journal of Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, Vol 44, Sept2015, P53-118.

5- “The Relationship between the Characteristics of the Board of Directors and Performance of Companies with Reference to Yemeni Banks” Under publication in The journal of social Studies, Vol. Issue , Sept 2017.

6- “Model Measuring The Relationship Between The Risks and The Performance In The Financial Institution: Case of Yemen Banks” Accepted for publication in The Scientific Journal for the Commerce Faculty , Al- Azhar University ,Vol. (17) June 2017.

7- “ Theoretical Model For Implementing Scientific Management To Achieve The Council Of Arab Economic Unity Objectives” Published in The journal of Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, Vol 47, Mar 2017, P53-118.

8- “The Partnership Between The Private Sector and The Government: Is It Integration Or Conflict? “Published in the Proceeding Of the Conference Of Yemen Economics: Yemen –Economy – Future” Yemen Center For Strategic Studies In Sana’a 25-27 Oct 2010.

  • Studies:

1- “Women Participation in Micro and Small projects in Yemen” In Arabic, the study was carried out for the GTZ in Yemen, Small Entrepreneur Promotion Project, 2002.

2- ” Financing Small Project: case study” in Arabic, Carried out for the Cabinet of Ministers, Social fund for development, 2003.

3- “Challenges facing businesswomen in financing’ in Arabic, Carried for the Chamber of Commerce in Almukal,2010.

4- “The Role of the Private sector in economic development ” A paper presented to the conference titled Yemen Economic Conference 2010, Sana’a , Yemen Center for Strategic Studies.

5- “Women in Family Business” A paper presented at the conference Titled the Third Family Business Conference : Fathers Wisdom and Sons Effectiveness” Sana’a. Yemen Business Club, Nov 2012.

6- other studies published in professional journals and presented at different conferences.

14- Training and skills development:

-Attended a training program in the micro finance, Bahrain 2008.

Develop program and course syllabus of the executive MBA at Maastricht school of management for Sana’a university faculty of commerce, business administration executive MBA Program. Maastricht, Holland. Other training courses in management.

– Interactive training program for interactive teaching Maastricht school of management, Maastricht, Holland

– Attend training program with the Yemen Higher Council of Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education.

– Training with the IFC in the corporate governance as a consultant and trainer.

Attended many training programs in SPSS, Office programs and other software.

15- Research Supervisions:

I have Supervised many research at Sana’a University ,Aden University as well as Twentic university , Faculty of management and accounting at the level of Executive master In Business Administration, Master In Business administration and PhD in many topics in management, finance and strategic management.

16- Consultancy:

I provided many consultancies in many topics such as capacity building v, institution building, gender issues, private sector issues and others. many meeting are with a group meeting with UNDP, GIZ, ILO, WB and other government agencies and ministries.