Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Al-Shami

Prof. in the dept. of Business Admin. Sana’a university

 a lecturer at the  dept. of Business Administration, college of Business Sana’a university. teaching undergraduate as well as graduate management courses such as :

  • Procurement of Management
  • Advance Marketing courses .
  • Production and operation Management .
  • Production Planning & Control .
  • Projects Management .
  • Quality Management .
  • Researches Methodology .
  • Management

Business Correspondence in English



  • Bachelor degree in Accounting , grade excellent with honor status, Sana’a university, 1996
  • Master in Development Admin. (MDA), Western Michigan univ., Kalamazoo ,Mi, USA, 1989
  • h.D in Management Science., major: Quality Management, Poona univ., India, 1996


  • Done a study on Restructuring governmental  Organizations , aimed to identify  the proper approach(es) to conduct the reform of public sector entities , presented to the Ministry of Civil Service, 2000.
  • Conducting study on Transparency and Accountability , presented to UNDP 2003 .
  • Conducting study aimed to assess the steeps that  have been achieved by yemen government toward fighting corruption presented to Ministry of planning and international cooperation 2003/ 2004.
  • Conducting study titled ” assessment of government efforts  toward implementation of  decentralization” presented to Ministry of Planning and international cooperation 2005 .
  • Participated in preparing Organizational structure, by-law and job analysis and job  description for the Ministry of Basic Education 2001 .
  • Participated in preparing the regulations, organizational structure, and the job description for the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific researches, 2002.
  • Re-structuring the following public organizations:-
    • faculty of midicen, Sana’a University 2003.
    • School books Corporation Press, 1998.
    • Ministry of Endowment And Guidance.
    • Central Organization for censues .
    • Restructuring more than 20 Organizations in the Yemeni Mixed and private sectors .
  • Designed job analysis and standards format for job description for the  Ministry of public health and population 2005 .
  • Prepared a study on the future trend in the government functions as a result of globalization changes .     
  • Conducted study to evaluate the performance and achievement of some governmental organizations 2002-2006.
  • Evaluated the performance and achievement of administrative reform program which undertaking in some governmental organizations.
  • Worked as a counterpart for the international expert responsible for developing national strategy for higher education and scientific research 2004/2005.           
  • Prepared national strategy for public positions and wages rendered to ministry of civil service and insurance .
  • Participated in preparing the by-law of the law no. (43) of 2005 for public positions and wages.


Conferences and Workshops:

Attending more than seventy activities locally as well as internationally.


Research and scientific papers:

Done a number of studies and  researches papers dealing with a variety of topics related to the field management, published inside & outside Yemen. Some of the researches are:

* Applying Quality Concepts on Yemeni Industrialized Organizations.   Field Study, Journal of Social Studies, Sana’a, Sep. 1997.

 * Total Quality Management: Concepts & applications in the    R.O.Y, Aledari Journal, Oman, Mar. 1999.

* Globalization ;  its Influence and challenges on Yemeni Banks, third scientific conference, National chamber of commerce  & Industry., Aden, 1998.


* The Current Position of  Marketing In Yemeni Firms, First Seminar for Marketing, univ. of Sci. & Tech., Dec. 1999.

Globalization & its Influence on Management Systems, Fifth Scientific conference, college of commerce, Sana’a, Oct. 2000.

* International Standards of Quality Systems., Journal of college of commerce 2004

* Marketing & the coming challenges. From non-country-source Importing & its impact on local production, national economics, Customer production Asso., Sep. 2001.

* The future  trends of government functions and  Policies: a study presented to the Ministry Of Planning And International Cooperation, 2001.

* The Present Situation Of  Public Administration  IN Yemeni Public Sector Entities, Second Arab Conference for Creative Leadership ,  Cairo, 2001.

* Information Systems In Yemen: facts & perspectives, Information Knowledge And Electronic Management Scientific Conference, Philadephia univ. Amman , Jordan 2002.

* The type of leadership in Yemeni public sector , Third Management Conference syria 2003 .

* Electronic Commerce & its Influence on State’s Revenues  , Journal of  Tax Wearness.