Ibraheem Abdulqodoss Mofadhel

He was appointed to Sana’a University in February 1990 and has since practiced the profession of teaching many financial accounting courses and accounting information systems at Sana’a University and many private universities for bachelor’s and master’s students. He also presented many researches and participated in several professional conferences, and many other academic activities. He also works as a certified accountant in the Republic of Yemen in the field of auditing and advisory services.


He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Sana’a University in 1985 with a grade of “excellent” with honors. He was sent for higher studies in Iraq in 2001. He obtained a master’s degree in 2004 from Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad. He submitted a master’s thesis in the field of audit entitled “The role of the auditor in responding to the expectations of users of financial statements.” It got an excellent rating.

The study was transferred to Damascus University, where he obtained his Ph.D. in 2008, and submitted his doctoral thesis entitled ” International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs) and its Importance for Yemen’s Governmental Accounting Information System”, according to which he received an excellent grade.


PhD Master Bachelor’s Degree
 Damascus Mustansiriyah Sana’a University Name
 Syria Iraq Yemen Country
July 2008 July 2004 May 1985 Date of obtaining degree
 Excellent Good excellent with Honor’s GPA
Accounting Bachelor’s (Major / Fine Specialization)
Accounting / Auditing Master (Major / Fine Specialization)
Auditor’s Role In the Response to the Expectation of Users of Financial Statements Title of Master Thesis
Accounting / Financial Accounting PhD (Major / Fine Specialization)
International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs) and its Importance for Yemen’s Governmental Accounting Information System Title of Ph.D. Dissertation


Experience in university education for accounting students in the bachelor’s and master’s programs since 1990 until today, in addition to practicing many academic activities such as arbitration, supervision and discussion of scientific research and master’s theses, as well as other administrative and scientific activities.

Experience for more than 35 years in the field of auditing accounts for dozens of companies and public and private institutions, in addition to providing many consulting services in the field of accounting, taxation and information systems.

وهذا شكل آخر لفقرة الخبرات، يمكن اختيار أيهما أنسب:

Type of work Description of Work Institution


Rank Academic To From
Full time


Teaching various accounting courses, in particular, principles of accounting, governmental accounting, accounting information systems, petroleum accounting, international accounting and audit. Accounting Department,  Commerce & Economy College,

Sana’a University

Assistant Professor Date



Feb 1990




Part time Teaching in part time: Governmental accounting, accounting information systems University of Science and Technology Assistant Professor Dec 2012 Sep 2009
Part time Teaching in part time: Governmental Accounting, Unified Accounting System, principles of accounting. Knowledge & Modern Sciences University Assistant Professor Date Sep 2017
Part time Teaching in part time: Governmental Accounting, Unified Accounting System, principles of accounting. Saba University Assistant Professor Sep 2019 Sep 2018
Part time Teaching in part time: Governmental Accounting, Tax Accounting, Accounting for financial institutions Hadhramout University Assistant Professor


Jan 2009 Sep 2008

Conferences, Workshops, Research, scientific papers and Others Activities:

Type Title / Type Date
Scientific Research 1.    Role of Eighth International Professional Conduct Rule In Achieving the Expected Independence of Auditor. July 2006


2.    Fiscal Transparency Principles and its Influence in Anti-Corruption in Republic of Yemen. September 2007
3.    Contemporary trends in government accounting. Unpublished
4.    Developing financial management systems in Yemeni universities by applying to Taiz University. Unpublished


5.    Applying the accrual basis for governmental self-resources in Yemen. Unpublished
6.    Linking and collecting the taxes owed on the activities, companies and exchange offices. Apr 2017
Books Published 1.    Accounting in Governmental Units – Including the Perspective of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs) Special 2014, 2016, 2017, 2021
2.    Governmental Accounting University of Science and Technology – College of Open Education February 2013
3.    Exercises and practical cases in unified accounting system 2012, 2014 2019, 2021
4.    Exercises and practical cases in government accounting 2015, 2019, 2020, 2021
Conferences & Seminars 1.    The Seventh Annual Forum of Accounting and Auditing Offices and Companies for the Countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States – Dubai. 6-7 March 2013


2.    A seminar on the definition of international accounting standards for the public sector. The World Bank – Yemen Office December 18, 2013
3.    Accounting Standards and the new tax law in Yemen
Deloitte Touche Middle East – Yemen Country Office.
July 2010
4.    The Seventh Conference of the leaders of the administrative
National Institute of Administrative Sciences.
8-26/ Nov 2007
Other activities 1.    Arbitration of accounting information systems book

University of Science and Technology

June 2010
2.    Preparing a description of university accounting courses, the most important of which are governmental accounting, accounting information systems, and oil accounting.

Sana’a University, University of Science and Technology, Knowledge & Modern Sciences University and New Generation University

From 2010 to 2021
3.    Review and arbitration of a doctoral thesis project

University of Science and Technology

June 2014
4.    Member of the Master’s Thesis Discussion Committee on ERP

Yemeni Academy

3 Nov 2016
5.    Chairman of the discussion committee for a master’s thesis on electronic criticism

Yemeni Academy

June 2018
6.    Chairman of the Appeal Committee headed by the Tax Authority Jan 2019 to date
7.    Arbitration of models for preparing the state’s general budget for the first chapter: wages and benefits for workers.

Ministry of Finance

Dec 2020
8.    Arbitration of the qualification and training strategy for the financial cadre of public service units.

Ministry of Finance

July 2021
9.    Consultant at the General Authority for Zakat Jan 2020 to date
10.Arbitration of the project to develop the economic classification and functional classification of the general budget accounts

Ministry of Finance

Dec 2021
11.Supervision of examinations, at the end of each semester.

Sana’a University.

1990 to date
Consultation & Services Providing consultation and services in auditing, taxation and accounting information systems, for many entities in the public and private sector. Before 2001& After 2008
Training Courses Attended 1.    Strategies of teaching, learning techniques and methods of evaluation. 4 -18/8/2009
2.    co-author of university education system open 8-10/1/2011
3.    Participate in the implementation of training courses for staff in several public and private sector entities. Talal Abu-Ghazalah. Before 2001