Abdulmalik Ahmed Qais

Associate Professor


NAME:                        Abdulmalik Ahmed Qais

DATE OF BIRTH:        1961

PLACE OF BIRTH:      Hajah– Yemen

NATIONALITY:            Yemeni

ADRESS:                        Office;  Radiological Department , Althawrah Hospital ,Sanaa,Yemen

P.O.POX; 15262  Sanaa  radiology  center ,  Zubairi Street , Sanaa Yemen


TEL;  00967-777411000 or 00967-733411000


  • (E ): Bachelor of English Languish Science       from Sind University –Pakistan in Dec.1982
  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)  from  Sind University –Pakistan in June 1988
  • Clinical MD (Diagnostic Radiology) awarded  from Khartoum University in Jan.2002


  • Professor and head department of radiology in Sana’a University since April 2013
  • Promoted to full professor of radiology by Sana’a university  in April 2013
  • Associate Professor of radiology in Sana’a  s university  from Feb. 2008 to April 2013
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology , Sanaa University from Jul.2002 to Aug.2008
  • Consultant Radiologist at Althawrah Modern General Hospital-Sana’a (the largest referral teaching hospital in Yemen)from May 2002 to present
  • Coordinator of Arab Board of Radiological Specialization in Yemen since 2004 to present
  • Head Department of Radiology at  Althawrah Modern General Hospital-Sanaa , from June 2006 to Sep 2013
  • Accumulated experience in teaching and examination of under and postgraduate medical student in radiology department Sana’a university since 2002 to date
  • Frequent external examiner of radiology in governmental and private universities in Yemen and several countries.
  • Examiner in Arab Board of radiology 2015-2018
  • Member of curriculum revision committee ,medical college – Sana’a university since 2010
  • member of training committee and curriculum revision of Arab board of radiology 2013-to date
  • Experience in dealing with most radiological diagnostic modalities including conventional Radiology, US, Doppler US, CT, MRI and interventional radiology
  • Contributed to design of radiological curriculum of Amran University –Yemen May 2008
  • Contributed to design of radiological curriculum of High institute of medical sciences –Sana’a ,2005-2006
  • Chief editor of Yemen Radiology Journal from 2006 to present
  • Member of high academic council at Althawrah General Hospital 2007-2008
  • Member of high consultation committee of Yemeni Radiology Society
  • Assessment of radiological articles (SMJMS}
  • Member of ESR(European Society of Radiology),Vienna
  • External Supervisor (in Yemen) for a thesis titled ( MRI patterns of different types of meningiomas in Yemeni and Sudanese patients ) supplemented in fulfillment of the degree of clinical MD in Radiology  , Khartoum university 2010 ( by Dr Mohammed  Ahmed Alharthi )
  • Referee for evaluation of scientific researches referred from Aden university for promotion of  Dr Hanan Abdoh  Salim to associate professor in radiology department ,Dec  2013
  • Referee for evaluation of scientific researches referred from technology and science  university –Sana’a for promotion of  Dr Hameed Aglan to associate professor in radiology department  , April  2014
  • House officer in Sind Univ. Hospital – Pakistan  from June 1988 to June  1989
  • General medical practitioner in Almohabishah Hospital-Hajjah,Yemen from Jan.1990 to march 1992
  • General director of Almohabishah Hospital Hajjah-Yemen from March 1992 to Sept.1994
  • Instructor in the Department of Radiology- Faculty of Medicine –Sanaa University and Residency in Kuwait  Hospital -Yemen from  Oct.1994 to Aug. 1997


  • Value of HRCT in predicting the activity of post primary pulmonary TB. Egyptian Journal of Radiology 2006,37:953-60
  • Biliary Ascariasis : the value of US in their management. Annals of Saudi Medicine 2006,37:161-65
  • Renal cystic lesions: the importance of CT in diagnosis and management in correlation with Bosniak classification. Hungarian Radiology Journal 2006,12:64-68
  • The value of US guided needle aspiration in the treatment of abdominal abscess. Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences 2004,vol 1:31-36
  • Orbito-ocular space occupying lesions: HRCT findings in Yemeni patients. Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences 2009, 6:31-36
  • Characterization of adrenal masses at enhanced CT.Arab board council J 2012,13:22-26
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of intrabiliary rupture of hepatic hydatid cysts. Hungarian Radiology Journal 2013,(1)87:71-76
  • The value of MRI in the pre-operative assessment of perianal fistula. Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences 2013,5:51-57
  • Percutaneous treatment of liver hydatid cysts: outcome of direct intracystic injection of albendazole. Ain Shams University Medical Journal , accepted in May 2014
  • Intramedullary spinal epidemoid cyst: value of MRI in early diagnosis and management . Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences 2014,6:9-12




  • Role of US in the diagnosis and management of obstructive jaundice. First Yemeni surgeons conference. Saudi German Hospital ,Sanaa ,May2008
  • CT differential diagnosis of cystic and cystic-like lesions of brain. Yemeni neurosurgery conference. Sanaa ,June 2008
  • Diagnostic imaging of multiple sclerosis. The 7th GCC and first Yemeni neuroscience conference Sanaa March 2009
  • Value of US follow up in the diagnosis and management of biliary parasites.2nd Arab congress of Radiology. Alexandria April2009
  • Head of scientific committee in the first Yemeni radiological conference. Sana’a Nov 2019
  • Head of scientific committee of the2nd Yemeni Radiological conference. Sana’a Nov 2020
  • Chairman of scientific international day of Radiology .Sana’a Dec 2021



  • ECR (European Congress of Radiology) .Vienna –Austria ,,6-12 MARCH 2008
  • 25TH International congress of radiology. Marrakesh :June 2008
  • 2nd Saudi-Yemeni conference of immunology ,Sana’a, Feb.,2008
  • 3rd Yemeni Conference of Gastroentrology and Liver Disease .Sanaa Feb.2009
  • 9th Middle east imaging and diagnostic conference .Dubi,27-29 Jan 2009
  • Euro PCR. Barcelona,Spain ,17-19 June 2009
  • Pan Arab Radiology conference. Amman ,March 2010
  • ECR (European Congress of Radiology)  .Vienna –Austria ,, MARCH 2012
  • Pan Arab Radiology conference. Alexandria March 2018
  • The 4th scientific conference of the Military Cardiac Center and the 4th Yemeni Cardiac Imaging Conference. Sana’a Faculty of medicine ,13-16Dec 2021



  • Advance uses of MRI . Misr Radiology Center ,Cairo from 1 -3-2004 to  31-4-2004
  • Categorical seminars in obstetrical US. Sana’a 25-27 Jul. 2004
  • IAEA training program me in nuclear medicine and radiation protection. Mumbai -India, from 8-1-2007 to 7-2-2007
  • Workshop of curriculum revision and development. Sana’a Faculty of medicine,Nov.2005
  • WHO radiation protection workshop. Bahrain 20-22 dec.2006
  • Workshop on cardiac CT and MRI .Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 13,2008
  • WHO workshop on continues education medical college ,Sana’a university , June 2011
  • Workshop on epilepsy by YNSC , Taiz.Mar 2013
  • Imaging of breast and diagnostic intervention, updates. Madrid Spain , 4-8May 2014
  • Workshop of curriculum revision and course specification .Sana’a Faculty of medicine Sep.2020 and 2021
  • Workshop of student’s assessment. Sana’a Faculty of medicine,20-23March 2022

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