DR.Nouradden Noman Al-Jaber

1-Primary, Preparatory & Secondary Schools –Taiz –Yemen.1984
2-English course -King Saud University –Sudia Arabia. 1986
3-MBBcH—–Sana’a University –Yemen. 1993.
4-Intership rotation in Al-Thawra Modern Hospital, Sana’a, 1994
5-Arab Board 1st. Part. —- Yemen.
6-Arab Board in the Internal Medicine (1995-2000) Arab Board Council Syria.
7-Training course in Echocardiography and Cardiac catheterization–INDIA-2OO2-
(Rahbindera Tagore Hospital Kalkata).
8-Master in Cardiology – University of Pisa –Italy -2003
9-Master in Stress Echocardiography CNR-Pisa-Italy 2003.
10-Refrishment course in stress echo Al-Kaiser Al-Aeni-Egypt 2009
11-A lot of training courses in Cardiology & Health Leader Courses.

-1-Internal ship In Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital Sana’a – Yemen.
2-Residance in Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital Sana’a – Yemen
In The Following Departments:-
A-Internal Medicine.
B-Emergency department.
C-Medical Intensive Care Unit.
3-Specialist in Al-Thawra Modern General Hospital Sana’a – Yemen
In The Following Departments:-
A-Internal Medicine.
B-Medial Intensive Care Unit.
C-Cardiology department.
D-Cardiac Center.
3- Consultant Internist – Cardiologist: In
A- Cardiac Center in Al-Thawra Hospital.
B-Yemen Cardiac Specialized Center.
C-Private visits in private hospitals (Azal, AL-Ahli Hospital) Sana’a –Yemen.
D- Military Cardiac Center
4- Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology Sana’a University.
5- WHO. Short-term consultant In Health Promotion.
6- Trainer & Prof in many Yemeni Institute & Universities.

Trainer & Prof in many Yemeni Institute & Universities.
1-Dealling with all medical cases & Medical Procedures.
2-Dealling with all Cardiological Cases.
3-Doing All Non Invasive Cardiological Procedure (Echo, Holters, Stress tests.)
4-Doing diagnostics Angiography.
5-All teaching & medical Training skills in Cardiology & teaching skills

Conferences and Workshops:
1-Many Cardiological & Medical Conferences & meetings In Yemen.
2-Regional and International Cardiological Conferences.
3-Many National, Regional and International Workshops In different Medical fields mainly in Cardiology

esearch and scientific papers:
Interance to Quality.
*How to read ECG.
*Requirements in the qualifications & training in the non Invasive Cardiac Unit (ECHO, Treadmill test & Holter monitoring.)
*Instructions to Hypertensive patients
*Instructions to patients with oral anticoagulant.
*Instructions to RHD.
*instructions to Cardiomyopathy.diarrhea. Najla N. Al-Sonboli;

Other Members