Maher Ali Ahmed Al- Maqtari


Address: University street, Sana’a, Yemen.

Date & Place of birth: Yemen-Lahj – 15-01-1972.

Nationality: Yemeni.

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married



University degree:

  1. B.Sc. in Science with major in Chemistry and Minor in Biology on July 1994 in Sana’a University, Faculty of Science, Dept. of Chemistry.
  2. M.Sc of Biochemistry, Bangalore University, Central College, Dept. of Chemistry, India on May-June 2002.
  3. Ph.D of Biochemistry, Bangalore University, Central College, Dept. of Chemistry, India on Jan.2008. Graduation Project: Studies on Proteinase Inhibitors from the Seeds of Enterolobium Saman.
  4. Associate professor in Biochemistry on 13.2.2014

5- Head of Chemistry Department , Faculty of Sciences, Sana’a University


Arabic: my mother tongue.

English: very good in reading, writing and understanding.  Speaking (good)


  1. Very good experience in Water analysis (Arwa Mineral Water Co.) Yemen
  2. Very good experience in teaching Chemistry and Biochemistry courses.
  3. Good experience in Bacteriology analysis ( Indian Institute Of Science) India
  4. A professional development course on university teaching, methods, techniques and assessment for members of the teaching staff during the period from 2 to 20 July 2008 at the University of Sana’a.
  5. His training course in the preparation of the specifications of the course and the existence of education, which was held in Tel-Mar, 23-5-2013 at the University of Sana’a.


Paper Publication:

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