Ali Mohammed Shatter Mothana

Personal Information

Name : Dr . Ali Mohammed Shatter Mothana .

Birth: 1956. Republic of Yemen .

Education (Academic Background)

PH.D, Economics, Oklahoma State University ,1992 , U.S.A.

M.A. , Economics,(With Major in Econometrics), Pittsburgh University, 1982, U.S.A .

B.S,(Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Economics ), Sana’a University , 1977, Republicf Yemen .


 Professional Positions:

Vice President of Saba University (20013-2019) for Academic Affairs/Dean of Post Graduate Studies, President of Saba University (2001-2005), Professor of Economics:(2006-    ) , Department of Economics, Sana’a University, Director of Economic and Commercial Center for Studies and Consultations (1998 – 2001), Faculty of Commerce and Economics- sanaa Uni.

Work  Expertise :

A Deputy Minister of  the Planning and Follow Up Sector- Ministry of Finance (2005-2013 ).

A Member of a National Technical Committee for MDG Strategy (2006-2013),MOPIC.

A Member of the CPPR Committee,MOPIC (2006-2013),MOPIC..

A Member of a Technical Committee for the Social Protection Survey (2012-2013),MOPIC.

A Member of a  High Comittee   working  in revising the  Current  Law  of the Commercial  Banks in Yemen, in which the modified Law will allow to open a window or a branch  for Islamic Banks in the Current Banks.   A Counselor for The UNDP in Yemen (as a National Resource Person), prepared the Program of Action of Yemen for the Next Dacade (2001-2010).  A Member of “A Professional Team”  worked in the Ministry of Planning and  Devolopment (1998- 2001)-which has participated in many studies such as:  A Strategy for Higher Education in Yemen, A Strategy for Modernizing the Civil Service, A Strategy for Decreasing the High Unemployment Rate in Yemen, A Strategy for the Second Five -Year Plan (2001-2005)-General Framework, A Strategy for Developing the Human Resources.

Papers:  Research and Scientific

  • Articles :

Shatter , M. Ali (2005), ”The Immigration from the rural areas to the urban areas ( Cities ) in Yemen, the Journal of the Fucalty of Commerce and Economics, V.23,  Sana’a University-Yemen .  Shatter , M. Ali (2005), ”The Current State  of the Industrial Sector  and  it’s Potential Future Role in the Republic of Yemen – Arab Economic Journal- Volume (34 & 35), Summer-2005, p 113-147- Arab Society For  Economic Research –Cairo- Eygpt,The Development of the Industrial Sector in Yemen (1995-2003) – this research submittet to the ministry of  Planning and International Co-operation  on 15/6/2004, Shatter , M. Ali (2004), ”The Immigration from the rural to the urban areas (Cities) – Reasons and Results  in Yemen, the Journal of Economics Studies, V.11,  Sana’a –Yemen.  Shatter , M. Ali (2004),”Future  and Trends of the Gulf States Labor Market..including Yemen and its Effects on the Future Total Demand (local and foreign)” –Analytical Research- the Journal of the Gulf Affairs-Volume (38),p 10-22, 2004,Shatter , M. Ali (2003), “Future Vision of Yemen Economy”,  The Journal of the Fucalty of Commerce and Economics, V.18 & 19, (2001-2002)-P. 1-51- Sana’a University-Yemen , Shatter , M. Ali (2001), “Future of  the Yemen Labor Force  Under the Local, Regional, and International Circumstances- The Journal of Athawbit, VOL. 26, Oct.-Dec. P. 86-110, 2001, Sana’a- Republic of Yemen.

Shatter, M. Ali (1999), “The Relationship Between Urban Concentration and Income Inequality”-An Empirical Study-, the Journal of the Fucalty of Commerce and Economics, V.13 & 14 Seb. 1999- March 2000-, P. 35-52,   Sana’a University-Yemen .   Shatter , M. Ali (1999), “ The Excessive Employment in the Public Sector and its Reallcation – the Journal of the  Faculty of Commerce and Economics , V.11 & 12 Sebtember 1998-March 1999, p. 61-102,  Sana’a University-Yemen.   Shatter, M. Ali, and Moomaw, L.Ronald (1996), “Urbanization and Economic Development”  A Bias Toward Large Cities ?. Journal of  Urban Economics, V.40. July 1996, 13-37,  U.S.A.   Shatter , M. Ali and   Moomaw , L.Ronald ( 1993 ),

” Urbanization as factor of Economic Growth “The Journal of Economics,  Volume XIX ( Fall) ,1993, 1-6 , U.S.A .

(2) Books :

Shatter, M.  Ali,Sudeis in Yemeni and Gulf States Economics Including Labor Markets,Alhjaji Center, 2019  Sanaa Yemen.

Shatter, M.  Ali, Principles of Economics (Micro &Macro), Al-Satik for Puplication, Sana’a , fifth edition 2017, Republic of Yemen. Sana’a . (Note: Three Economic Books Under Puplication).

3- Teaching Experience: Prf. of Many Courses in Economics (Bacheler & Master Level),at  Sana’a University,Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Faculty of Shariea and Law.  

4- Main Adviser for Many Desertaions (Master&Doctorate Levels)

Conferences/Workshops: Participated  in many meetings and wrkshops inside and outsideYemen.