Salah Yassin AL-Maktary


2009 PhD, Paris 1 University, Pantheon Sorbonne, Economics Department.

Major: Mirco-Marcoeconmics, Econometrics and Financial study.

Thesis Title: Asymmetric Information, Contract Banking and the Development of Islamic banks: Theory and Application in Yemen.

2004 DEA (Master), University of Franche-Comté, Besancon, France.

Major: Microeconomics.

Thesis Title: The Econometrics of Contracts theories.

Focused on the phenomenon of asymmetric information in the fields, Labor, Insurance, Banking, Financial Markets, Auctions, and Public Economy. And courses in the Theory of Games and Negotiations.

2004 DESA) Master), Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco.

Major: International Economics,

Thesis Title: Floating the Currency of Yemen and its impact on the Balance of Payments in the context of Structural Adjustment Program in Yemen.

1993 BA (Bachelor’s Degree), Faculty of Commerce & Economics, Sana’a University, Yemen.

Major: Economics.









2012 – 2014

Head of Department of Economics and Finance, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sanaa University. Member of Council of Faculty of Commerce & Economics.

Advisor, Editor member of Journal of Faculty of Commerce & Economics, an Academic Periodical Refereed Journal.

Dean, and Committee Member of the establishment of 11th February Faculty of Political Sciences, Popular Non-Govournment, Freedom Square, Taiz, Yemen.






Committee Member of the establishment of the Department of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, University of Sana’a.

Committee Member of the establishment of the Unit of Graduate studies (Master & Doctorat in Economics and Banking and Finance), Faculty of Commerce and Economics, University of Sana’a.

2009 – 2011 Secretary of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, Yemen.


2019 –Present


2009 – 2018

Associate Professor

Assistant, , Department of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, University of Sana’a, Yemen.

Courses Taught:

Bachelor : Credit and Financial Analysis, International Trade, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Banking analysis, Small Project Finance, Money and Banking, Financial Risk Anaylsis, Banking Information Systems, and Finance Public.

Master : Advanced Financial Analysis, Advanced Microeconomics Theory, Advenced Banking & Money analysis, Advanced Financial Risk Anaylsis, and Advanced Economic Development.


1995 – 1999 Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University, Yemen.


Conferences and Workshops:

1- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “The Economy Factor and Political Changes In Yemen” Commentator, (معقب على ورقة: المتغير الاقتصادي والتغيير السياسي في اليمن), Seminar: Yemen and Democratic transition sience 2011, Conferenmce Video, Arabic Center, Doha, Novmber 18, 2020

2- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “Checks & Liquidity in Yemen” (الشيكات والسيولة في اليمن), Yemeni Crise of Liquidity Workshop, Institue of Banking Studies & Economic Observatory, Sana’a University, May 18, 2019.

3- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “Federalism of the Provinces and the Economic Dimensions of the Distribution of Regions (فيدرالية المحافظات والابعاد الاقتصادية لتوزيع الاقاليم), The Political, Economic, Social and Geographical Dimensions of the Division of Regions Conference, Department of Political Sciences, Sana’a University, January 31, 2014.

4- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “Investment Opportunity In States Taiz and Ibb” (فرص الاستثمار في ولايتي تعز واب), Investment Oppportunity Conference, Sana’a, Jaun 24, 2014.

5- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “The Economic Cost of Road Traffic Accidents (التكلفة الاقتصادية لحوادث المرور في اليمن), First National Conference of Road Safety, December 13, 2010.
6- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “Indicators of Poverty in Yemen, Commentator,مؤشرات الفقر في اليمن), The Yemei Economy Conference, October 26, 2010
7- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “The Challenges of Millennium Development: The Case of Yemen) (تحديات الالفية الثالثة:حالة اليمن”, The Challenges of the Future of Yemeni Economy Conference, June 28, 2010.
8- Al-Maktary, S. Y., “L’efficacité Des Banques Islamiques au Yémen”, International Conference of Islamic Finance in Europe, Lille, France, February 20, 2009.


Research and scientific papers:






AlMaktry, S. Y., (2020), “Yemen: Coronavirus in Time of War” (اليمن: تداعيات جائحة كورونا في زمن الحرب), Hikama, issue 1, September 2020.

AlMaktary, S. Y., (2018), “Yemen: Towrd to Fiscal Federalism” (اليمن: الاتجاه نحو الفيدرالية المالية ), Joural of Faculty of Commerce & Economics, issue 50, September 2018.

AlMaktary S. Y., Principles of Credit & Financial Analysis, (Sanaa, AL-AMEEN Pulishing & Distribution, April 2018)

4) AlMaktary, S. Y., (2017), “Political Economy of the Rent: The Yemeni Case ( الاقتصاد السياسي للريع : الحالة اليمنية), Journal of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Issue 48, September 2017. pp. 119-163.


AlMaktary, S. Y., (2016), “The Future of Labor (L’Avenir du travail), Jacque Attali, Translated book from French to Arabic. AL-AMEEN Publishing & Distribution, Sanaa.