Kaid Aydh Kaid AL-Omithily

I graduated from Sana’a community in 1982 . In 1983- 1986 , I Traveled  to the United States to gain a master’s degree in general economics ., In the year 1989, I Traveled t0 study in Egypt, and. I got my  doctor from the Alexandrian University .

In 1992, when I returned to that date and until now  I, to my side, I was forced to leave the office and the official administration and administration inside and outside the univrsety.

B –Education and Qualifications:

  • upgrade scientific university’s decision No. (265) for the year 2004.
  • Doctorate in Economics, University of Alexandria, Egypt, year 1992.
  • S. in Economics, Vanderbilt University, USA, year 1985.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science, University of Sana’a, Yemen . year 81/1982.
  • High School Scientific section, Excellent, secondary School of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, year 75/1976.

C – Jobs and Academic Experiences:

1 – Scientific and administrative functions Academy:

  • Dean of the Faculty of Education – from 4/5/2011 – until now rector’s decision No. (241) for the year 2011.
  • Vice-President of the University of Hodeida presidential decree (197) for the year 1998.
  • Vice-President of the University of Hodeida for high Studies and Scientific Research 1998 – 2001 Presidential Decree No. (254) of 1998.
  • Chairman of the Scientific Council and managing editor of the scientific journal Tehama Hodeida University (1998-2001)
  • Member of the Presidency of the University and the Student Affairs Council and the Academic Council at the University of Hodeida (1998-2001)
  • Chairman of the Board of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Hodeida and a member of the scholarship committee at the Ministry of Higher Education (1998-2001(.
  • Dean / (founder) of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Hodeida (1996-2000). Decision of the President of the University of Sana’a No. (427) for the year 1996.
  • Dean / (founder) of the Faculty of Education (Arhab) , Sana’a University, a member of the presidency of the University Council (1993-1996).
  • Coordinator of the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Commerce, Sana’a University(1992-1993).

2- Non-Academic Official Administrative functions:

  • President assistant at the Central Bureau of Statistics – artistic director of the Office (2004-2005). Presidential Decree No. (16) for the year 2004.
  • Assistant of the Manager of census for financial and administrative affairs of the census decision of the Deputy Prime Minister ( Minister of Planning and International Cooperation), (3) for the year 2004.
  • Vice Chairman of the preparing and reviewing the national income accounts committee. Decision of the Chairman of the Central Agency No. (10) for the year 2005.
  • Member of the Census Bureau and the Technical Committee of the census of the Republic of Yemen. Decision of the Deputy Prime ( Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (21) for the year 2004.
  • Chairman of the Committee of evaluating and relieving the tasks of  the administrators’ of governorates of the stages of the census, the decision of Deputy Prime( Minister of Planning and International Cooperation), (13) for the year 2005.
  • An Economy expert in the Central Organization for the census and survey works for the family budget, Memorandum No. (1171) for the year 2003.

  3 – Community Contributions:

  • President of the Assembly of Yemen to rationalize consumption and expenditure, which was established in 4/9/2007. license number (11).
  • Chairman of the scientific preparatory committee of the first forum of civil society organizations about the importance of the compound bread  to confront the local and global wheat crisis ,held in 2008.
  • Chairman of the preparatory and scientific Committee, Symposium of rationalization and the problem of food security in Yemen, which was held with the support of the private sector under the auspices and in the presence of Prime Minister in 9/8/2010.
  • A candidate for a parliament membership, which was scheduled for 27 / April / 2009.( that had been delayed  as a result of the political crisis).

D – teaching & researching tasks:

Over the past 30 years of teaching and supervising students (1993 until now), I have got a good Experience in the field of teaching & researching. Among the materials that I have taught in both (Sana’a and Hodeida  University  ) are listed below:

  • Principles of Economics (micro and macro) Sana’a University (current).
  • National Accounts -Sana’a University since 1995 (current).
  • Transport Economics – Sana’a University since 1996 (current).
  • Principles of Economics (micro and macro)Hodeida University( 1996-2002).
  • Principles of Pure Mathematics, Hodeida University (1996-2002).
  • Mathematical Economics- Hodeida University (1998-2002).
  • National Accounts – Hodeida University (1998-2002).
  • Transport Economics – Hodeida University (1999-2002).
  • Economics of Money and Banking – Hodeida University (1997 – 2002).
  • Foreign Trade – Hodeida University 1999 – 2000.
  • Mathematical Economics – Sana’a University( 1993 – 1995) .

E  _ Conferences and Workshops:

  • Horizons New in Arabic Education 25 – 26 November 2007
  • The source of the scientific debate and the horizons of the third generation:  Science and Technology “, 24 – 26 April 2000, Sharjah University, Sharjah City, United Arab Emirates.
  • The assembly of the expansion and the tithes for the assembly of the trustees of the Arab contract for training and research, 2-4 \ 2004, Oman, Jordan.

F  _ Research and scientific papers:

  • Participated in the preparation of background papers for the National Human Development, Fourth Report 2013.
  • Prepared a special research about the future of the holding companies and the economies established in the Republic of Yemen (Ministry of Industry and Trade, 2007.
  • Participated in preparing researches of the annual economic report, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, 2005.
  • Participated in the preparation of the annual book Research and evaluating the educational indicators in the Republic of Yemen ,2005.
  • Analysis of the determinants of the development of Yemeni airports and evaluated its movement, which was published in the Journal of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics – Sana’a University, issue 21, 2003 – March 2004.
  • study the reality of the Yemeni Airways and evaluate the economic performance of its air fleet movement, university researcher magazine (scientific journal – semi-annual) Ibb University, the fifth edition of the fifth year – 2003, (pp. 147-194)
  • The development dimensions for developing the transportation road means of goods in the Republic of Yemen, Tehama magazine (scientific journal Academy – semi-annual) Hodeida University, No. (4, 5), January-July 2002, pp. 189-234.
  • Participation in the committee of preparing the feasibility study for the establishment of the University of Sa’ada mandated Rector () for the year 2004.
  • participated in the arbitration and Supervision of Master’ program for graduate students, Department of Economics, Sana’a University, and in the evaluation and arbitration upgrade from research assistant professor to the degree of Associate Professor.
  • Country – Level Aid Accountability Study (The Republic Of Yemen) United Nations – DTCD. Sana’a, January 1993.
  • Begging and negative repercussions of economic and social research study (scientific field), the preparation of the Department of Economics – Sana’a University, in cooperation with the Yemen Times, and the UN Office in Sana’a in 1993.
  • preparation of the scientific evidence and academic for the College of Education – Arhab (93-1994). Sana’a University, and the Faculty of Commerce and Economics Hodeida University. (96-1997)