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Elham Ameen shukri Al-shibani

Associate Professor

Personal Information:

Name:           Elham Ameen shukri Al-shibani

Nationality:  Yemeni

Profession:    Associate  prof. in Sana’a University, Faculty of Science

(Embryology and Histology)

Address :     Sana’a Yemen

(mobile) 771555660

Email: el. Alshaibani @



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Recently, I am working as lecturer (Associate Professor) at  Biological Sciences Department- zoology section, majored in Embryology and Histology. As a graduated  from Biology department (Biology – Chemistry) I have worked as a Demonstrator at Sana’a University – Faculty of Science – Biology Department . Then, I have prepared post graduate, Master, in Zoology (Embryology). After that, I have finished the PhD degree with Zoology (Embryology and Histology). More Importantly, I have been Supervising various Master’s, PhD’s theses and graduated projects in Zoology field, especially the Embryology field. I occupied the position, a head of Zoology section (2011-2012)  then,a head of Biology department, in the period of ( 2012 – 2015).



– degree in biology, faculty of science, Sana’a University 1992

– Master degree in biology (zoology) faculty of science, Sana’a University


“Study the effect of chat on fertilization and mortality in pregrency rabbits)


– PhD in (zoology) embryology, faculty of science, Sana’a University


“The effect of Harpago as anti-inflammatory activity in the development of chick embryo”

– Demonstrator in biology (zoology) faculty of science, Sana’a University


– Assistant lecturer in biology (zoology) faculty of science, Sana’a University


– Assistant prof. in biology (zoology) faculty of science, Sana’a University


-Associate prof. in biology (zoology) faculty of science, Sana’a University




  • ICDL 2006 (power point, word, internet, typing, excel……)
  • Head of Zoology section – Biology Department (2011-2012)
  • Head of Biology Department Faculty of Science (2012 – July 2015)
  • Chairman of the Syndicate Committee at the Faculty of Science (2012-present)
  • Member of the Administrative Board of the Yemeni Biological Sciences Society (2012 – currently).
  • Member of the Yemeni Women’s Association for Science and Technology for Development – Women’s Organization for Science in the Developing Countries.
  • Chairman of the Biology Program Preparation Committee in the Biological Science Department – Faculty of Science – Sana’a University, April 2020


Conferences and Workshops:


–  Participated in the science conference Oct. 14-17, 2003 saiun, Yemen.

– Participated in the science conference Oct. 11-13, 2004 Sana’a, Yemen.

– Work shop in biodiversity in the middle east ,Dec.2006 Tehran ,Iran ) funded by DAD)

– Training course in electron microscopy, March, 22-27, 2008,  Assuit University, Egypt.

– Training course “University Teaching”

-A workshop on “Self-Assessment and Program Specifications” during the period 29-30  July 2009 – British Council.

– Information Technology and Skills Acquisition Course (Sana’a University) – 10/7-15/9/2007

-Training Course “Qualitative Research Techniques and Skills from a Gender Perspective” (Sana’a University) – 20-22/2007

-Workshop “Self-Assessment and Program Specifications” – British Council-29-30/7-2009

– Participation in (Mastery Project) and Academic Education Development Center – Sana’a University – during the period (2007-2010).

-The  8th Scientific Conference of the Yemeni Life Sciences Society (Hodeidah University) 5-6/November 2013 –

– The 9th Scientific Conference of the Yemeni Life Sciences Society (Ibb University) August 2014

– Participation in the “First Quality Week” workshop – Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center. (Sana’a University) February 23-27 2014

– Work shop “Responsible Science and Safe Laboratory Practices at Sana’a University” December, 29-30 /2014

– Participation in the workshop “Introduction to Biological Risk Management” General Veterinary Laboratory (Sana’a) February 23-25, 2015

– A training course in statistical analysis using the SPSS program22/10- 2017.

-Participation in the “Vision, Mission, Values ​​and Objectives” workshop of the Faculty  of Science and its departments,   March 11-14, 2020.-

– participating in the preparation of the Biology Program – Department of Biological Sciences – Faculty of Science 3/14/2020.

Research and scientific papers:


  1. Elham A.Al-shaibani and Abdulwali M.Al-aghbari (2004): Anti-fertility effect of      dietry fresh khat(CATHA EDULIS) on male and female of rabbits. Faculity of science pulletin 17:1-17.
  2. Zaki,T.zaki; Mohamed,I.rady;El-yamani,H.El-zawahiry and Elham Al-shaibani (2008): hepatic and renal histological and histopathological changes induced by dimethoate and the protective role of vitamin E and/ or pollen grain in male rats.Al-Azher Bull.Sci.(AISC’08) 273-288.
  3. Mohameed,I , rady and Elham S. Al- shaibani (2006): Some effects of the analgesic Herpago on chick embryos development; 72 hours stage. Al-azhar Med.J. 35(1):67-78.
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