Mohammed Farhan Mahyoub Al-Hilali


Date of appointment at Sana’a University: 4/4/1990 AD (Teacher)

Current academic rank: Professor, date obtained: 6/7/2020

College: Sciences, Department: Life Sciences

General Specialty: Microbiology, Subspecialty: Bacteria + Viruses



Permanent address: College of Science – Sana’a University – Sana’a, Yemen.

Phone: Mobile (711400997 / 773078765) Landline (01342767)

Republic of Yemen – Sana’a – Old University Post, PO Box (11256)

Fax: ( +967 1214075 )


Second: Academic qualifications according to the priority of obtaining them:

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia 86/1987 AD Microbiology Life Sciences 86/1987 AD 81/1982 AD Bachelor’s degree

Sana’a University – Yemen 95/1996 Microbiology Life Sciences 95/1996 92/1993 Master’s degree

Zagazig University – Egypt 2001 Bacteria + Viruses Microbiology 2001 AD 96/1997 AD Ph.D


Master’s thesis title : “A study on the production of single-cell protein by the yeast Cndida utilis and the fungus Trichoderma viride from some agricultural wastes and other sources in the Yemeni environment.”

PhD thesis title : “Studies on some biological and environmental factors affecting the activity of Rhizobium Legiomanosirim bacteria.”


Third: The academic experiences he obtained since his appointment at Sana’a University:

  • Teaching Assistant 5/4/1990 1996 (6 years)
  • Assistant Professor 9/17/2002 AD, 2011 (9 years)
  • Associate Professor 6/27/2011 2020 (8.5 years)
  • Professor 6 / 7 / 2020 AD currently


Fourth: Academic, scientific, administrative and professional activity:

Courses he taught during the current academic rank:

  1. Undergraduate courses L. M. Postgraduate courses

1 bacterium 1 bacterium advanced

2 Viruses 2 Advanced Viruses

3 Soil Microbiology 3 Advanced Microbial Genetics

4 general microbiology/Advanced Diagnostic Microbiology

5 cell biology

6 medicinal and aromatic plants

7 Anatomy of a plant

8 molecular biology

Supervising Master’s and Ph.D. postgraduate students’ theses

  • Biological control of some pathogenic organisms in food using natural compounds (bacteriocin) participant (second) 2007
  • A study on bacteria and fungi that cause urinary tract infections in children in Sana’a – Yemen Participant (second) 2007
  • Contamination of wheat grains with fungi labeling aflatoxin during storage and its effect on the quality of wheat grains in Yemen Participant (Second) 2008
  • Identification of infectious bacteria associated with cutaneous leishmaniasis in some Yemeni patients
  • Characterization of beta-lactamase enzyme produced from medical bacterial isolates in Sana’a (Yemen) Senior Supervisor 2009
  • Detection of pathogenic bacteria in some Yemeni patients with diabetic foot disease, participant (second) 2009
  • Effect of probiotics and prebiotics on the physicochemical properties of yoghurt produced from some types of milk
  • A study on Escherichia coli O157:H7 isolated from food in Yemen, Mishref (Second) 2015 AD.
  • A partial epidemiological and immunological study of the Rift Valley Fever virus in Taiz Governorate (Yemen) Mishref (Second) 2017
  • Spread of dust-borne allergens in some selected buildings in the city of Sana’a and health risk factors, major supervisor 2017
  • Trichoderma species isolated from Yemeni soil as biological resistance factors against some plant pathogenic fungi Mishref (Second) 2019
  • Anti-bacterial of a specific plant extract on some bacterial species isolated from surgical wound infection in Aden Governorate, Yemen, Musharraf (Second) 2019
  • Effect of pesticides used for qat plant on microorganisms (bacteria) in agricultural soils in Al-Hussain District – Al-Dhalea Governorate, Mishref (Second) 2019

Conferences, seminars, workshops and courses:

  • Attending the Eighth Conference of the Union of Arab Biologists, Cairo University – Egypt 1998
  • Attending a conference for biological treatment to remove environmental pollutants, Zagazig University – Egypt 1999.
  • Attending the Eighth Conference on Medicinal Plants, Cairo – Egypt, November 21-22, 2000.
  • Attending the Science Conference – Yemen Scientific Research Foundation, Sana’a, Yemen, October 11-13, 2001,
  • Participation in the Science Conference – the Yemeni Scientific Research Foundation Seiyun – Hadramout – Yemen October 11-13, 2003
  • Attending the Science Conference – Yemen Scientific Research Foundation Sana’a – Yemen October 11-13, 2004
  • Attending a workshop on raising awareness of the national biosafety framework Environmental Protection Council – Sana’a – Yemen 27/2/2005
  • Participation in the 12th Conference of the Union of Arab Biologists, University of Hodeidah – Hodeidah – Yemen 19-24 November 2005
  • The first annual scientific festival of flowers and ornamental plants, University of Sana’a – Yemen May 19-21, 2009
  • The second annual scientific festival for flowers and ornamental plants, Sana’a University – Yemen, May 29 to June 3, 2010

Contributing to administrative work and membership of scientific committees or societies within the university or society:

  • Head of the clearing committee at the Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, from 2007 to 2018 11 years
  • Head of the Tables Committee, Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, from 2003 to 2006, 3 years
  • Member of the Yemeni Society for Life Sciences, one of the founders of the Society from the beginning of its establishment until now
  • Head of the Microbiology Division, Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, 2007-2009, two years
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the First Annual Flower Festival 2009-
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Second Annual Flower Festival 2010
  • Member of the American Society of Microbiology from 2012 until now

Fifth: Scientific production submitted for promotion to associate professor:

Five scientific researches, four of which have been published and one research accepted for publication in refereed and specialized scientific journals:

  1. Alasbahi, R and Al-Helali, M.F (2006): The in vitro Antibacterial Activity of a Multiherbal Formula used in Yemeni Traditional Medicine for Topical Treatment of Impetigo. Planta Med (72): 1055.
  2. Alghalibi, S.M and Al-Helali, M.F (2008): MICROORGANISMS CAUSING URINARY TRACT INFECTION AMONG CHILDREN IN YEMEN. Faculty of Science Bulletine , Sana’a University ( 21 ) : 11-21 .
  3. El-Didamony, G and Al-Helali, M.F (2009): ISOLATION AND EVALUATION OF SOME NITROGEN FIXING MICROORGANISMS FROM YEMEN SOIL. Egypt. J. Biotechnol. (33): 15-32.

Sixth: Scientific productions submitted for promotion to professor:

  1. Study the Effects of Chemical Pesticides on Soil Bacterial Community on Khat Agriculture in Dhala Governorate, Yemen First Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology February 19, 2018
  2. The Inhibitory Effect of Euphorbia Hirta Extracts against Some Wound Bacteria Isolated From Yemeni Patients I Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science January 23,2019
  3. Detection of Vibrioes in the Aquatic Environment and the Sewage System by Culture Method in Selected Areas in Yemen First American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research July 11, 2019
  4. Antibacterial Activity of Enterococcus Faecium and Propionibacterium sp.against Food-borne and Pathogenic Bacteria II Advance in Animal and Veterinary Sciences November 26, 2019
  5. Novel Antibacterial Activity of Enterococcus Faecium NM2 Isolated from Urine of Healthy People III Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 2014
  6. Efficacy of Native Trichoderma spp. In Controlling Fusarium wilt of Tomato Plants in Green House, Yemen III Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology March 23, 2019
  7. Antagonistic Potential of Native Trichoderma Species against Tomato Fungal Pathogens in Yemen April 30, 2019