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Soad Humead Ali Al-Khiat

Associate Professor

personal information:

name : Soad Humead Ali Al-Khiat

Nationality: Yemeni

Marital Status: Married, have four children.

Mobile number : 00967773497620


Address :Biology Department, , Faculty of Science,  Sana’a University, Yemen.



1-Teaching Lectures  in Microbiology:

-Mycology, Mycotoxins, Classification of fungi, Plant disease,Virology, Classification of algae,  physiology of algae, Microalgae, prokaryotic algae, Algae and Fungi, Bacteriology, Pathogenic Bacteria, General Genetics, Microbial Molecular Genetics, Microbial Analysis, Microbiology,  General biology (1(, General Biology (2), General Microbiology, food and microbiology, Soil Microbiology, Basics of Geology, Environmental Impact Assessment and  Advanced Biotechnology, for undergraduate students in the College of Science and College of Agriculture.

-An advanced biotechnology course for masters students.

2-Supervised many graduation projects for the students in microbiology in Sana’a University.



1 – PhD from King Saud University in 2013 with excellent grade.

Thesis Title: Bioremoval of heavy metals from water sources by using local microalgae.

2- Master degree from King Saud University in 2007 with excellent grade.

Thesis Title: Effect of Cyanobacteria as a Soil Conditioner and Biofertilizer on Growth and Some Biochemical Characteristics of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) seedlings.

3- Bachelor of Science from Sana’a University (1997-1998 )- with very good grade –  (Biology – Chemistry).


Conferences and Workshops:

1-Workshop on how to start your project in biotechnology which Provided by the Prince Salman Center for Entrepreneurship at King Saud University in collaboration with the Bader program for technology Incubator (Biotechnology Incubator)1431.

2- The Fourth International Conference on Water and Dry Environment Resources , sponsored by Prince Sultan Center for Environment, Water and Desert Research during the period from 30-2 / 12 / 1431.

3 – Workshop entitled the technique of DNA extraction from different tissues by Animal Department , King Saud University  9/1/1432

4 – I got the second place in the branch (Entrepreneurship Projects) entitled: Removal of heavy metals from water sources using microalgae isolated from a local environment, and within the activities associated with the second scientific meeting for students of King Saud University in the period 15-16 / 12 2010.

5- Attending the Saudi International Conference for Biotechnology  2012 in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, 18-19 September 2012.

6 – Participation in the preparation of the international symposium on waste management, Sana’a 11-12-2016, and sponsored by the Planet Earth Forum.

7 – Participation in the preparation and implementation of the International Symposium on Solid Waste in Sana’a 10-12-2017, sponsored by the General Authority for Environment Protection and the Planet earth Forum.

8- Riyadh International Workshop about  Nanomaterial for Energy Storage 2/4/2011.

9 – Participation in the second quality week within the program of quality weeks at Sana’a University, which was established by the Center of  Academic Development and Quality Assurance during the period from the date of 2-3-2014 to  6-3-2014

10 – Attending  a workshop on biosafety in Sana’a University in cooperation with the American Society of Microbiology and the Faculty of Science at Sana’a University 12-5-2014

11- Participation in presenting a poster in the environment and biodiversity of the Red Sea Conference Organized by: University of Tabuk – Faculty of Science in cooperation with Saudi Biological Society March 31 – April 1, 2021 / 18-19 Shaban, 1442 Hijri


Teaching mission:

1 – Teacher  in the laboratories of the Biological Department – Faculty of Science – Sana’a University from 1997 to 2013

2- Assistant Professor in the branch of Microbiology , Department of biology, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, 2013 to 2020.

3 – Assistant Professor in the Department of Land and Water – Agriculture Faculty  – Sana’a University    2014-2015

4- Head of Microbiology branch in the Department of biology in Faculty of Science 2016-2018.

5-Associate Professor in the branch of Microbiology , Department of biology, Faculty of Science, Sana’a University, 2020 until now.


Published Research:

  • Al-Mansori. G ; Al-Khiat, S; Al-Tawqi.A. (2017): Evaluate the quality of sludge resulted from Sana’a treated wastewater plant for agricultural use.Saudi Soc. For Agric. Sci. J, Vol.16, No.1a.
  • Al-Khiat, S; Al-Tawqi.A; Al-Mansori. G.(2016):Evaluate the quality induces of treated wastewater-Sana’a plant for irrigation.Iraqi J.Agrie.Vol.21,No.2, pp.87-96.
  • Othman,M.D.M; Al-Mansori,G; Al-Khiat,S.(2018): Assessment of partially treated wastewater on soil properties in Bani Alhareth area-Sana’a Basin. J. Environment and Sustainable Development Studies. Vol.4,No.2,pp.133-144
  • Al-Khiat, S (2020): Bioremoval of Iron from water sources by using one species of micro algae (Phormidium tenue). Al-Razi University Journal of Medical Sciences. Vol.3(2),pp.32-50.
  • Al-Khiat,S; Al-Azab, M; Al-Mansori, G (2020): Bioremoval of Iron from water sources by using one species of micro algae (Chlorella vulgaris). Al-Razi University Journal of Medical Sciences. Vol. 3(2),pp.51-71.